Kylen Lori apologizes to General Evans in the conflict

Ceasefire? Adolescent mother 2 Star Kylen Lori Publicly apologized to his former coaster General Evans In a long statement in their ongoing conflict.

“I’ll tag, but I’ve blocked,” the “Coffee Convos” podcast host captioned an Instagram post on Friday, April 8, 30, with a long message he wrote for the 30-year-old Janelle.

“After watching this week’s episode, I wanted to address my storyline because I now know that I blamed the wrong person for leaking the news of my pregnancy with Lux,” Kylin began. “With that being said, I would like to formally apologize to my ex-Coaster Janelle for falsely accusing her of leaking the news of my pregnancy when I was pregnant with Lux. I betrayed, and I voiced the feelings I felt for those against me. “

“I was very open about the fact that I know my life is in the public eye, and sometimes people forget that I am a human being and have very real feelings involved,” Kylen continued. “It simply came to our notice then [sic] I was extremely injured, and I still wish I had been able to declare my pregnancy on my own terms. After all, no one likes to admit mistakes, but I was wrong here, and I wanted to extend that apology to Janelle. I’m sorry. “

Kylen Lori of Teen Mom 2 apologizes to General Evans for the false accusation: 'I was wrong'
Courtesy of Kailyn Lory / Instagram

The MTV personality’s statement came just three days after a recent incident Adolescent mother 2 The episode aired on Tuesday, April 5th. Kylen has revealed the custom Leah Messer That her “Baby Mamas No Drama” podcast host, V RiveraHe confessed that he had told Kaelin’s ex Xavi Maroquin About her pregnancy with her son Lux, which she shares with her other ex Chris Lopez.

In addition to Lux, Kyle also shares son Creed with Chris, where she and Xavi share son Lincoln together. Kylin and Xavi were married from 2012 to 2017.

“Originally, what happened a few months ago, Xavi and I got into a huge fight and he didn’t want me to talk to Vieer about him in my podcast and he basically hinted at her being a cheater,” Kylin told Leah. , 29, Tuesday, April 5, episode.

Leah, a native of Pennsylvania, recalled that she “texted [Vee] And Xavi in ​​a group text “and”[she] “Whatever it is, leave it there.”

“So, V comes into my office and he says, ‘You know, I told Xavi about your pregnancy with Lux.’ Xavi told me that four years ago, V hit him on social media and it was like, ‘I’m tired of seeing you stupid, I’ll tell you everything. Day to meet up. ‘ So they met at the Target parking lot at night and he told her about Lux. “

Kailyn concludes that Vee “just doesn’t leak [her] Pregnancy, “but she” told him – which is a complete lie – that [her] She may not have an abortion. “

The Pride over PT The author shares the dramatic revelation between her and Janelle’s long-running conflict, which has been going on for several years. Any signs of a lasting reunion – and literally – flared up in October 2018 when a North Carolina local shared an Instagram video of a box of her pothead hair care products that Kylin sent her. Janelle even complained that Kylin was “extremely jealous and envious of all our girls on the show” in her caption.

Kylin, meanwhile, was busy with other responsibilities these days, as she built a new home for herself and her children. Reality TV stars open exclusively In contact About the project in December 2021.

“This is the house I built out of clay. There are no people beside me,” he said at the time. “Just by myself, for my kids. I hope we’ll set up those real roots and [make] Tradition in the new home. “

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