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Wait a minute! Is Kylen Lori Getting his own show? The Adolescent mother 2 The big spinoff spread the rumor after the star posted a picture apparently like a confessional interview.

“Can you all picture #KailandtheChaos as a show ?!” The “Coffee Convos” podcast host, Saturday, April 9, captioned an Instagram photo. “Think this is my first confession.”

The 16 and pregnant Alum was in full glam mode as he posed for professional filming equipment in his home state of Delaware. MTV fans were here for this news because the comments section was full of great excitement about the potential spinoff. “Are you trying to tell us something !!” A follower asked. Another fan wrote, “Does that mean we’re getting it? [eyes emoji]”

'Teen Mom 2' star Kylie Lori Spinoff speaks after the rumor spread: 'I want'
Courtesy of Kailyn Lory / Instagram

“I want to,” Kylin explicitly responded to a comment. In another response, he added, “No I’m just playing but it would be great.”

Earlier this month, the MTV personality admitted that he would have his own show with fans via an Instagram Q&A “I’m the only way to get ahead of reality TV”. Although he has not confirmed whether he plans to leave the long-running MTV series, Pennsylvania is open about his “six-month break” from the native show.

In March 2022, he said in his “Baby Mamas No Drama” podcast, “I was like, ‘I can’t take myself to the place at this moment where I’m openly sharing things on camera.’ I’m having a really hard time with it because six months seemed like a lifetime to me. ”

The Pride over PT The author adds that “it’s very difficult to put yourself back in the hot seat and film about personal matters.”

The mother of four decided to take a break from the show following the news of her young son’s father, Chris LopezPresence of a signed contract Adolescent mother 2 In August 2021 after refusing to film for almost four years.

Kylin – who shares children’s luxuries and creeds with her ex – was not bothered by joining the show, but by the way she found out.

“I don’t give a damn about what Chris does,” he admitted in an Instagram Live Q&A a week later. “I care about how it was managed / how I found out and people still lack respect for me 12 years after doing this show.”

Chris recently appeared in the March 15 episode Adolescent mother 2 With Kail’s “longtime enemy” and Coaster Brianna Dieses. Interviewed for an episode of his “PTSD” podcast, the two discuss co-op with Chris in detail about his co-relationship with the mother of his eldest sons.

After the episode, Kyle responded to the Delaware Natives’ claim about their mobility by writing on Instagram, “I don’t think it will paint a complete picture.” He added, “In any instinctive situation, there are always two sides – no matter how Chris feels about it. Our perceptions are going to be different. The choice I had to make was very challenging.”

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