Kylie Jenner testifies that ex-boyfriend Taiga drugged and abused her black china

Kylie Jenner, Taiga, Black China

Kylie Jenner testifies that ex-boyfriend Taiga told her Black China about drug abuse and once stabbed her

It’s a lot to see Kylie Jenner In the ongoing trial against him, he is spreading tea in favor of his brother Black China.

Kylie Jenner24, the last person to take a position in the legal drama surrounding his family and Black China, Born Angela White. As previously reported, the 33-year-old socialite is suing the reality TV family for canceling his show “Rob and China”. According to Black China, Kardashian / Xenar women lie! Network executives claim he was physically harmed Rob Kardashian35, an argument was at the following ex-couple Kylie Jenner Home.

Black China, Chris Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Khalo Kardashian, Kylie Jenner

Monday (April 25) Kylie Took a position and testified that he was concerned about his relationship with his older brother China Because of the reputation surrounding the “cash only” rapper. Kylie Previously dated rapper Taiga32, k China Ex and father of his eldest child. It is known that while on the stand, Kylie Revealed Taiga He once showed her a 6-inch-long scar on his arm and shared that it was a knife wound he had received from her hand. China.

Taiga, Kylie Jenner

He continued and claimed that Taiga It also told him China Drug and alcohol abuse, and his addiction, lead to violent knife attacks. Kylie Added that despite sharing these concerns with him Rob KardashianHe still decided to follow along China. He then said,

“I feel it is my duty to express my concern, but in the end it depends on him.”

China Is suing Kardashian / Jenner পরিবার 100-million to the family for alleged defamation and contract interference. He is also suing Rob To post a clear picture of her online after their 2017 breakup.

Black China, Rob Kardashian

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