Kylie Lori has a new boyfriend: relationship details

Teenage mother 2’s Kylen Lori Romance is found and for the first time openly talking about her new boyfriend. On Friday, April 15, on Instagram Story, he admitted that he is in a relationship.

The mother of four mentions someone special to her when promoting a vitamin company. “My boyfriend and I actually send pictures of open vitamins that we take every morning. He will send me a picture of her and I will send a picture of myself, “explained Kylin.

Although the MTV star’s representative had previously refused to confirm a new romance In contact, Kylin apparently denied rumors of a relationship just two days ago. The reality star posted an Instagram story on Wednesday, April 13th, where she turned a blind eye to the rumor that she has a new boyfriend, with the caption “Stop believing everything on Instagram.”

Although Kyle could not identify the lucky man, his former owner had previously indicated that he was a minor. The owner commented Teenage mother Under the slide is an Instagram fan page about her ex’s new romance which includes a picture of her and Kylie hugging together in a selfie.

In a comment about a post about Kail’s new boyfriend on teenmomshaderoom’s Instagram page, the owner wrote that the reality star “played me for the kids,” but wasn’t too hurt, as he added a historically funny emoji. He was also present to yell at his ex, “Improve the girls.”

It was Kylin’s ex and the father of her two young children, Chris Lopez, Who first claimed that the reality star had a new boyfriend and that he was living with her Ex-couple Lux, 4, and Creed Romelo share “Melo,” 1 son. “I’ll leave it at that,” Chris, 28, said in the latest episode of his “PTSD – Stress Discussion with Single Dad” podcast. “[The kids] I was told that the friend was with them. “

“This kind of throws my head off, but I can’t control what [Kailyn does]He added.

Chris claims to have talked to Kylin about his love life and was concerned about what he had heard from Lux. “It was actually recently where I had to pull my baby mom to the side and have to say, ‘Yeah, I have no reason to tell every 4 year old friend of mine sleeping with you,'” he recalled, adding, “[Lux] He’s telling me about this last friend, and now, he’s telling me about a new friend. “

In addition to Lux and Mello, Kailin has two more sons. She shares 8-year-old Lincoln maroquin with her ex-husband Xavi MaroquinAnd 12-year-old Isaac Rivera with ex-boyfriend Joe RiveraWith whom he has appeared on MTV 16 and pregnant.

In response In contactKailyn’s team has “no comments at this time” about who she might be dating.

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