Latto responds to critics by telling him to be more humble: you are all literally


Latto responds to critics by telling him to be more humble: All of you literally because I will never stop talking.

Lact23, no one will take away his joy after making recent history!

Wrapper Latto, Real name Alyssa Stephens, recently tweeted a few criticisms targeting critics for saying something negative after the success of her single “Big Energy”. This week, Atlanta Native’s groundbreaking single “Big Energy” hit # 1 on pop radio. In addition to being the rapper’s first # 1 hit, she became the first female artist in 12 years to reach # 1 on the US Pop, Rhythm and Urban Radio charts with the same song.

However, it seems that not everyone is here Lattor Climb successfully. Sunday (April 18) Lact Took to Twitter to deal with a situation that seems to have arisen from the celebration of his recent achievement. The questionable tweets started after the rapper admitted the exciting news. He tweeted,

“Don’t talk to me about being humble God knows my heart but He also knows I’m from Atlanta and I’m popping it Every time. I used to pray For a time like this !!!!!! ”

His reflection comes up, Lact Wrote,

I’m ridiculed for having “all” kid fans “I’m ridiculed for not having a song on the radio that made me laugh because of the bubbles underneath and I never let my soul break because they still won me over… I know my chances and to come I’m grateful. ”

From there, things became more interesting. The “Sunshine” rapper called out trolls who tried to “downplay” his accomplishments. He said

“It’s really crazy the way you all try to take my happiness away from me. Too bad and look down on all my achievements.”

He goes on

“And it always comes from some people who are just jealous that you jumped in there and chased your dreams because they were so scared.”

Lact Then let his destroyers know that they are the inspiration behind his drive.

“If I celebrate a small win, it’s ridiculous as if it’s not enough” (coming from PPL who have achieved nothing in life) but when I celebrate a big win just keep quiet and be humble … lmao you ‘ Literally because I will never stop popping my shots. ”

Lact He even fired back at a social media user who responded to his post,

“New artists are very annoying lmao.”

He replied,

“So this whole” new artist “narrative is coming from MFS who have never dealt with this level and will never. New artists like you are not allowed to use social media? Stfu we are all mf round people.”

Finally, celebrity friends Queen Nieza26, and Susie Santana28, screaming to reassure the record-breaking artist that he deserves his success.

Good luck Lact Her first # 1 hit and made history as the first female artist in 12 years and the first female rapper to reach # 1 with the same song!

What are your thoughts on this whole situation? Do you think Latto should be more humble? Tell us in the comments box below!

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