Leah Messer and Jaylan Mobley’s New House: Photo

New home! Adolescent mother 2Of Leah MesserBoyfriend, Jaylan MobliJust six months after Instagram became official, he bought her a new home.

“Proud to be homeowner for the first time!” The U.S. Army officer, 25, captioned an Instagram carousel post on Friday, April 1st. “I am very grateful and blessed to be the owner of this house and still speechless. Surprise! Lehmesar. I’m proud of you for selling your first home, and so, I wanted to surprise you with a new home, our home. “

In the first photo, Jaylan holds a sign that pronounces the word “sell” where the reality TV star, 29, flaunted a small plaque that read, “We said ‘yes’ to the address!”

The second slide shows a sweet video of the couple standing in the doorway, with Jelan handing the keys to Leah. The Lovebirds share a warm hug as they walk down the hallway.

“We deserve this! You deserve it! “Jaylan added in his post.” I can’t wait to create, grow and create a generation of wealth, inheritance and opportunities for us and our families. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation.

While the adorable moments of Leah and Zelan were certainly memorable for them, both teased fans that they would soon share the reaction of their three daughters to the new home.

“Stay tuned for the girls response!” Charlotte, North Carolina, native wrote in her caption. Meanwhile, Leah shared a video that day via her Instagram story, inviting her followers to wait for the moment her daughters visit the house. In the clip, the MTV personality is seen sitting in the passenger seat of a car while driving with his daughter Alianah “Ali” Sims, Aleya “Gracie” Sims and Adeline “Eddie” Calvert.

Leah Addy, 9, shares with ex Jeremy Calvert And Gracie, 12, and Ali, 12, with her other ex Corey Sims.

Last month, d 16 and pregnant The alum opened up about her children to a former NASA employee for the first time Adolescent mother 2 Episode aired March 22, and In contact Receive an exclusive peek.

The preview reveals that Leah gave Zelan a tour of her former home, and she explains why she wanted to be clear with him about her personal life when their romance began to heat up.

“I like you, and since we’re trying to get to know each other, I’m trying to be weak and honest and get to know you better.” Hope, grace and faith The author tells him. “I don’t drop this thing on anyone. Just telling you about my kids, all of this. I love them. They are my life. “

Jaylan then thanked him for his honesty and said he was “really excited to meet them.”

He added, “Hopefully we can reach the stage where I can meet them.”

In Lear’s confession, he mentions all the qualities that attract him to Jaylan.

“There’s so much about Zelan that I feel like it’s different,” Leah began. “He is connected in a way that I have never felt with anyone else. It’s like she gets it. The biggest thing I was worried about was that not only did she have a baby and I didn’t have a baby, but three babies and a baby with special needs and she just understood that and I think she was really acceptable. He’s a good listener, he’s sympathetic. “

Scroll down to see photos of Leah and Jaylan’s brand new home!

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