Lil Dark reacts to a fan urinating on himself at a phoenix concert [VIDEO]

Lil Dark reacts to a fan urinating on himself at a phoenix concert [VIDEO]

Lil DorkDurk Banks was born, he stopped his show when he thought someone was out of him 7220 Tours Stop in Phoenix, Arizona on Friday night (April 7)!

Attendance time Lil Dorker On the show, a fan found himself in an uncomfortable position when he couldn’t go to the bathroom because of the packed audience. Fans apparently pissed on themselves where he was standing, other colleagues brought up the incident Lil Dorker Attention. In a now-released video, the 29-year-old artist responds to the crowd:

“Someone pass out? Huh? Did he pee? He pee? Did F * ck? I’ve heard it all, but I’ve never heard it, man. I don’t know what to do in this situation.”

Lil Dork

After a short pause, he followed:

“It simply came to our notice then. Did you urinate because you saw us here, or did you urinate with some bad words? So does anyone pass out or fight, he peed? Just go back and clean yourself, that’s all. “

It appears Lil Dork Prevents the crowd from becoming more cluttered. While some social media users felt the act was embarrassing in itself, others joked or praised the rapper for how he handled the fan’s entire bladder. See the response below:

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