‘Little People, Big World’ Season 23: Premiere Date, More

Small people, big world Coming back to season 23! Within an hour of more than a billion viewers, according to TLC, the Roloffs are back and this time, the family is facing some big challenges. With the promise of 10 new episodes this season, the press release is “an unexpected split that marks the beginning of a new and very different chapter.” Keep reading to know what we know about the upcoming season!

‘Small People, Big World’ Season 23 Cast

Last season, TLC fans watched Amy Rolf Marry her longtime boyfriend Chris Marek On a beautiful occasion at the family farm. When Amy was expecting her new husband and ex-husband Matt Rolf To be at least amicable, the latest chapter teases the two exes about “finding friendships in unexpected ways and even sharing a trip to Arizona” with their potential partners.

Meanwhile, when it comes to Amy and Matt’s adult children, Check Rolf’s only child who still appears on the show as his sibling Molly, JeremyAnd Jacob Everyone chose to leave the show. He will be appearing with his wife in the 23rd season, Tory Rolf.

Season 23 is set to heat up farm discussions between the Rolfs

The future of Rolf Farms has not yet been determined. After Amy and Matt’s divorce was finalized in 2016, Zach and his wife Tory, Amy has expressed a desire to buy a share of the farm in the 22nd season of the long-running TV show.

After “excitement arose from a heated farm discussion”, the couple finally decided to “build their new home from the farm” while preparing for their third child. Although the farm is not currently on the table, Rolf’s interest in buying the farm has not disappeared.

Tory recently touched on the subject through an Instagram Q&A with fans in early 2022. Explaining that the aspiration is still there, the former school teacher added, “Some things do not go according to plan. But it worked for us. ” Formerly a 10-minute survivor of the family’s famous farm, the couple said goodbye to Portland and moved to Washington in October 2021 with their two young children.

And in the midst of all the ongoing changes in Rolf’s world, Matt faces a decision this season that “could change the farm – and the family – forever.”

When is ‘Little Man, Big World’ coming back?

Season 23’s Small people, big world TLC and Discovery + will premiere on Tuesday, May 17 at 9pm ET.

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