Little people, visit the Big World House – Rolf’s house

Viewers meet the loving Rolf family for the first time on TLC’s reality show Small people, big world Returned March 2006.

The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, however; Matt And Amy Rolf And their four children, Jeremy, Jacob, Zachary and Molly, Time to detail their lives on Rolf Farms, including the pumpkin season and their daily activities.

Now, the Rolf kids are all adults and have their own children – and many members of the reality TV brood are very outspoken about their humble abode. Molly, the most private of the siblings, has no social media account, so where she lives is a bit mysterious. However, another LPBW Alums have been opened more to show them where to call home

As for Jacob, who Criticized On the show, he previously chose to buy a suburban home and instead stay in a cheating van for a while before getting an apartment with his wife. Isabel Rock. They have since moved to Bend, Oregon, which they announced in October 2021.

For the twins, Jack and his wife Tory Bought a new house In Washington, just over an hour from the family farm. Meanwhile, Jeremy and his wife Audrey took big steps to move closer to the family from Los Angeles and settle there. Rock Creek, Oregon.

When it comes to Matt, he’s working on renovations to make the farm better. In August 2021, the TV personality showed progress in building a new barn on the property, just in time for her ex-boyfriend’s wedding to her husband. Chris Marek.

Amy bought a new home for herself in September 2019 and celebrated her great success. The A little m The author bought a five-bed, four-bathroom home in Hillsboro, Oregon for $ 588,500 and even shared a photo of his first Christmas a few months after Chris bought it.

After saying goodbye to life on the farm, Amy celebrated her chance at a new beginning, shared in an Instagram post in February 2020.

“This car of mine #fordescape I loved and was great, and still helps me keep going and much more!” He captioned his post. “It simply came to our notice then. And it’s front and back and back. ”

“And yes, I’m doing most of it myself – after 30 years – I’m going through it all and oh what a memory flooding my mind that raised four kids in this house,” said reality star “and I’m grateful I was able to do it. Although it has been hard and difficult to clean. “

Check out the gallery below to take a tour of all Rolf’s homes.

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