Lizo says the Iti shapeware line idea came before Kim’s schemes

Ahead of time. Lizo The idea of ​​his shapewear line revealed, iti, came “before” Kim Kardashian Scheme launched. The singer admits that his new business venture has been “built five years”.

The “Juice” singer, 33, talks about how her line – Yitty – has been working for many years while appearing on “SiriusXM’s The Morning Mash Up” on Arpil 13 on Wednesday.

“This shapeware line took five years,” Lijo said. The hitmaker added that he came up with the idea “before Kim’s line”. The Keep up with the Kardashians alum, 41, launched Skims in 2019.

Although Lizo said she had the idea at first, she acknowledged that she was happy with Kim’s success with Schims. “I was excited when it dropped, because I was like, it’s sure I’m just telling you,” he recalled. “I had a lot of meetings with the company, and they didn’t believe in my shapewear approach. They were, ‘Well, no one is really doing shapeware. So you want lingerie or… ‘and I say,’ No friends, listen. Shapeware is the future. And we have to revolutionize it. ‘

Lizo Reveals Ideas For Her Shapeware Line Kim Kardashian's scheme came 'before': '5 years to build'
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“Fabilitics believed in me and it. Five years into its creation, “Lizo continues the brand of athletic apparel with which he partnered to create the line.” Five years ago, I had my first meeting and three years in development. “

The “Truth Hearts” singer added that she “wore nothing” including bras and panties, before finding a partner to start the line with her.

She admits to having trouble finding her favorite lingerie. “I had a bra that I liked that I got so bad that it tore, but the design was amazing,” Lijo shared. “I couldn’t find it anywhere else in that size or style.”

Lizo announced the brick in an Instagram post on March 30th She shared the news by posting a picture of herself wrapping her arms around other women wearing panties from the line.

“This is a love letter to my big girls, and a welcome letter to every body. This is * not * an invitation to change who you are – this is your chance to be who you are, “he captioned the post. “I don’t know about you – but I’m sick people telling me how I want to look and feel about my body. I’m tired of being synonymous with sexy. If it’s uncomfortable, stop it. And if it makes you feel good, turn it on.” Please. “

ITYITTY is not just shapewear, it is an opportunity to restore your body and redefine your beauty, ”Lizo concluded.

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