LPBW’s Molly Rolf and husband Joel’s house is beautiful: Photo

Straight out of a magazine! Ex Small people, big world Star Molly Rolf Recently bought a house with her husband, Joel SylviusAnd it looks very beautiful.

Although the one-time reality star decided to leave her family show a few years ago and keep her life quite private, her brother Jack Rolf Shared news with fans. When she met her sister in Spokane, Washington in April 2019, she was unable to spread the beans at her big shopping so she and Tory Rolf May help their in-laws celebrate.

“My little sister Molly and her husband Joel bought a house!” He shared on Instagram on April 22nd. “Congratulations to them! We’ve had a great time with them in Spokane this weekend. “In the post, he shows two different pictures of the family posing in front of their new digs. In the first, you get a close-up shot of the front door and the porch. Because you will see better how big the house actually is.

Although fans haven’t seen Molly in a while, they were excited for the TLC alarm. “It simply came to our notice then. “Congratulations!” Then one wrote. Another added, “OMG, I haven’t seen Molly from the wedding photos. They both look great, and everyone is beaming !! “Of course, Jackson RolfDidn’t seem too happy about things – but Molly’s roots in Spokane mean she probably won’t be back in Oregon anytime soon, we understand that perfectly.

Overall, though, it looks like Zach, Tori and J enjoyed their Washington adventure. Molly and Joel also got an immediate concert when they decided to do a little jam sesh performance for their family. The married couple sounded amazing together, and it is clear that now the mother of two, who welcomed daughter Lila in November 2019, enjoyed the show. It’s too bad the family can’t get together often, but when they do, we’re glad they share it with the rest of us.

For Easter 2022, Molly’s mother Amy Rolf Meet Molly and Joel at their Spokane home. She shared photos of her trip on Instagram, where the family was shown cooking together and going for a walk in nature with their dog. He also showed snippets of Molly and Joel’s house, which had a super cute porch and kitchen.

Amy wrote in her caption, “I took a road trip and moved to the Spokane area to visit my daughter and her husband.” “Jacob and Isabel, Mate did the same thing. A very nice and fun weekend together. Went for a walk, in the park, hanging out, board game, Easter service @ sozochurch… and Molly made a delicious vegan Easter dinner.… Fly over the weekend. I love my children and grandchildren. ”

Keep scrolling to see photos of Molly and Joel’s house.

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