Ludacris will receive an honorary degree from Georgia State University



Ludacris will receive an honorary degree from Georgia State University

The order is for congratulations Ludacris. The 44-year-old rapper and actor will receive his degree this spring.

Georgia State University will announce the award Ludacris, Born Christopher Bridge, with an honorary degree in early school spring. On April 13, the university announced that they were awarding prizes Ludacris An honorary bachelor’s degree in music management after approval by the Georgia Board of Regents.

This degree is his honor, according to a statement from the state of Georgia

“Support for the University’s creative media arts and law programs, its commitment to the Metro Atlanta community, and its philanthropic endeavors.”

After high school, the Atlanta native joined the state of Georgia in 1998 and 1999 before signing a record deal with him. Def Jam. Georgia State President M Brian Blake, who nominated the Grammy Award-winning rapper, wrote in a statement:

“We are proud that Chris Bridges made his debut in the state of Georgia. He has become a cultural and philanthropic icon, representing Atlanta and giving back in a variety of ways. Our students at the Creative Media Industries Institute (CMII) and the College of Law have benefited from his career and we are delighted to honor him as a member of the Panther family. “

Ludacris He has been actively involved with the school for years, performing as an artist-in-residence at the Creative Media Industries Institute in Georgia State in 2019. He has mentored students and worked with professors as well as entrepreneurs in the music and film industries. He has also worked with the school’s College of Law for a course entitled “The Legal Life of Ludacris”, a course that covers his business acclaim as a rapper / actor / record executive / restaurateur.

“It’s been a dream come true for me,” he said Ludacris.

“The State of Georgia has helped me get started, and I am extremely honored and excited to share this milestone with the world.”

Ludacris Taken to his Instagram account to remember the milestone. He captioned the post,

“My mother is really shedding tears [praise emoji] When I published “What’s Your Fantasy Key” in 2000, I had to choose between dropping out of school or pursuing a career in music. In the meantime, history has been made on one front [microphone & music symbol emoji] And now it’s about
Built on others [graduation emoji] Everything comes in full circle [circle emoji] It’s a dream come true for me [prayer hands emoji] Thanks
You GA State #Atlanta ”

The inaugural event will be open to the public or broadcast live online to attend the Center Park Stadium on May 4 at 9am.

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