Madonna accused of ‘plastic surgery’ on ‘unstable’ TikTok

Pop icon Madonna Posted a TikTok on Sunday, April 3rd and seemed almost unfamiliar to him. “Holiday” has been accused of going under the knife year after year due to a massive change in his appearance.

In the video, he leans closer to the camera before slowly kissing the camera lens. Madonna, 63, made Tiktuk fans uncomfortable because they were worried she had done too much for her face. “I’ve loved Madonna since I was little … huge fan … love her … but it’s a tough pass … what she has done for herself,” one fan wrote in the comments section.

“I’m uncomfortable,” another fan wrote while one individual follower added, “It’s completely uncomfortable.”

Although he seems to have done a great job with his face. Some fans speculated that the drastic change came from an intense filter. If you look closely at the video, the “Virgin-like” singer’s eyelids flicker back and forth, indicating that she has a filter on her face. In addition, a filtered smoky fog popped up in the video as he leaned closer to the camera.

Extra?  Fans call Madonna's face
Courtesy of Madonna / TikTok

Some critics may not be in favor of Madonna’s new look, but others are in favor of the musician. “There are a lot of hateful and rude people here. It does not need your approval. She is a beautiful woman, “wrote another TickTock user.

The video has been viewed by other musicians who have dubbed TikTok. “1950” singer King Princess Madonna re-enacted the video, however, she opted out of using a filter “It’s hard to serve by accident, always,” read his caption.

Although Madonna’s face has changed over the years, the “Material Girl” singer has yet to acknowledge her facial cosmetics. In a recent Instagram post, Madonna shared a photo of herself straightening her hair with the caption, “I do my best in the bathroom.”

Fans weren’t too excited about his youth and expressed their thoughts in the comments. “Stop with plastic surgery and Botox. Your Madonna, ”one fan commented in an Instagram post on February 1st. “You have ruled the world once and you do not need to repeat it. Let the next generation have their moment. ” After harsh criticism of the 80’s queen, fans confirmed that she would “always be her fan.”

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