Mary Osmond received the Golden Rule Award for her activism

A prize with money. Mary Osmond Has collected numerous trophies throughout his career, but his latest is not a recognition of his great career – it’s about his activism.

The Unexpected The singer, 62, received the Paul Eppinger Award at the Golden Rule Awards banquet in Mesa, Arizona, on Thursday, April 7. The event is sponsored by the Arizona Interfaith Movement, which aims to promote support and tolerance for different religions around the world. The organization emphasizes the importance of the Golden Rule, which they believe is a central principle of most major religions.

“I am very humble and honored to receive the Paul Eppinger Award from the Arizona Interfaith Movement,” the Women’s Health and Wellness Advocate tweeted before the ceremony on Wednesday, April 6th. “I can’t wait to see you all tomorrow.”

The award is named after the late Paul Eppinger, an interfaith leader who led a campaign in Arizona to recognize Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s holiday in Arizona. The Arizona interfaith movement chose Osmond as an honorary champion for his work as a “global” interfaith champion who “exemplified the Golden Rule through concerts and events in Idaho and Hawaii to promote interfaith understanding.”

In an interview with AZTV, d Behind the laughter The author says that he feels that understanding and empathy are important. “I think we need each other more than ever before,” he explained last month. “We have to come together and be united. It really touched me to be honored. When I was younger, I always believed that people should have the freedom to worship as they wished. It’s part of our great country, and we have that respect for each other. We can learn a lot from each other, can’t we?

In addition to promoting religious acceptance, Osmond is a tireless advocate for the Children’s Miracle Network, a non-profit organization that raises money for children’s hospitals across the United States and Canada. Since the CMA Award winner co-founded the group in 1983, it has raised more than $ 7 billion for the benefit of children.

“I believe in uniting people, uniting communities,” he said Dancing with the Stars alum told AZTV about his work with CMN. “People love each other.”

Although Utah Native is busy with her career, philanthropy and family, she still manages to find time for her own care. For Osmond, that means eating healthy after losing 50 pounds and keeping it off for 15 years with the help of the nutritional system.

“I don’t allow myself to gain more than five pounds, usually on holidays or something like that.” Nearby Earlier this year. “You know, I’ll eat a little extra. It’s been a week, and you know, you’re back in the game, and you’re feeling great about yourself. “

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