Master P says “they don’t want to see anyone else until they’re gone.”

Master P, Nipsi Hasel

Master P says “they don’t want to see anyone else until they’re gone”

To see Master P. Not for fake supporters here Nipsi smiles.

Hype discussion surrounding the business mogul late Nipsi smiles First album Victory in the lapSoon after the rap artist died.

Speaking of work, the crane artist said Nipsi smiles Put in album, Master P. Says:

“He kept the same record that sold millions of copies [that] He sold only 50,000 while he was alive and he didn’t get it. “

Nipsi smiles

He continued:

“He was like, ‘Man, I left everything I had on this project … and then when it didn’t happen, – and just watching people, this guy didn’t know he had a funeral at Staples Center. He didn’t know he had that kind of love.’ . “

Nipsi smiles In March 2019, he was killed outside his flagship clothing store “The Marathon”. When many people collectively mourned the untimely demise of rap artists, Master P. He said that when he was alive, musicians did not have strong support for music. The hip hop icon says:

“Let’s be honest, he was still in England and Craneshow is trying to figure it out […] People would say to him, ‘Well, I don’t think you got it.’ What happened? I mean, it’s the same album. The same album that people love now. That part I do not understand. That’s why we were able to celebrate while we were here. Stop with false love. “

Master P. He believes that in our society people hate the living and support them in death. He said:

“I just think in our culture, it’s normal for people to just self-hate.”

Then continue:

“They don’t want to see anyone else until they leave. You don’t want to tell anyone that they are great while they are alive. It’s something I didn’t understand about Nipsi that he was talented. “


Do you agree with Master P’s position on supporting artists only after death? Give us your thoughts in the comments section!

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