Megan Thi Stallion claims Tory Lanez offered her and Kelsey Nicole 1 million

Tory Lange, Megan Thi Stallion, Kelsey Nicole

Megan Thi Stallion claims Tory Lanes has offered her and Kelsey Nicole $ 1 million to keep quiet about the shooting.

More footage from Megan Thi Stallion Detailed interview of the accused Tory Lanes The shooting was recently released.

As previously reported, the world has seen the last few years Megan Thi Stallion27, and Tory Lanes, 29, repeatedly went on to say who was responsible for the shooting of the “Plan B” rapper on foot. The incident subsided in July 2020 after an argument between ex-friends. Initially, Megan Thi Stallion Did not share that he was shot and instead claimed that he had put his foot in the glass. However, later Tory Lanes There are allegations that the group tried to spread false rumors about what actually happened that night. Megan He came forward and revealed that he had been shot Tory Who pulled the trigger.

Tory Lanes

In the second part of the interview with him Gayle King, Megan More details about what happened next Tory He was allegedly shot. He shared that the Canadian native had offered him and Kelsey NicoleHer ex-boyfriend was also in the car, keeping quiet about what happened to the $ 1 million.

“[After the shooting] He apologized as if he were ‘I’m so sorry. Please don’t tell anyone. If I don’t say anything, I will pay one million dollars. ‘

He goes on

“And I want to say, ‘What are you talking about? Like, why are you paying me now? Help me! And if you’re sorry, just help me!’

Tory He had earlier claimed that he had apologized Megan Because he was sorry for sleeping with her and both Kelsey Nicole. However, accordingly MeganTheir relationship was never physical and they were just friends who were bound by the pain of losing their mother.

“We were just friends. For example, we chatted every day and when Mao left in such a way – I thought we were in a relationship. “

If you want to know if their relationship has ever been intimate, Megan He laughed and replied,

“I had no sex with Tory.”

He then shares why he thinks the “that brick” singer is not shooting him and is lying about the nature of their relationship. He said

“I think he is trying to get away from the fact that he has committed a crime.”

Megan He also explained why he initially tried to help Tory After the incident and claimed that he was injured by glass blows.

“It simply came to our notice then. The police must be too much ‘shoot first and question later.’

He became emotional but continued,

“For some reason, I was just trying to protect all of us because I didn’t want to [the police] Like killing us, even though this guy did it to me – my first reaction was still trying to save us. “

He added,

“I did not want to see anyone die, so I said, ‘I put my foot in the glass.’ So when I see people trying to use it against me, like, I’m trying to act like I’m lying – ‘Oh, he put his foot in the glass, he never shot.’ – I’m the one who said I put my foot in the glass. I lied to save us all. And sometimes I think I would never say that. “

Tori Lanez, Megan Thi Stallion

During the interview, Gayle King Despite what has been mentioned Tory Lanes And the saboteurs may claim, the medical report confirms it Megan He was shot and still has bullet wounds in his leg.

Megan Thi Stallion

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