Megan Thi Stallion jumps on the critics of Gayle King’s interview

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Pictures may be deleted

Screencap: YouTube / CBS Morning

Megan Thi Stallion Criticize out Critics who say he faked his tears during an interview with Gail King CBS Morning.

Megan sat down for an exclusive interview with King on the night her ex-boyfriend Tory Lanes was shot in the leg.

At one point Megan becomes emotional as she remembers Lanez shooting at her and screams “Dance B * Teach!”

“It’s like everything happened so fast. And all I hear is this guy screaming. And he says, ‘Dance, b *** h’, and he starts shooting. And I’m just like, ‘Oh, my God.’ “She was shot several times. And I was scared.”

However, Twitter users noticed that Megan was crying but not shedding tears.

Actress Vivica A. Megan criticized Fox for doing the interview. Fox says Megan should let the court handle it.

And the TV mogul clowned 50 St. Megan for a break when King asked her if she had sex with Tori.

This was too much for the “WAP” rapper. He took to Twitter to give his critics a part of his mind.

Pictures may be deleted

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