Memphis Smith denounces Hamza’s sister amid rumors of a split

Trouble in heaven? 90 day engagement: 90 days ago Star Memphis Smith Insults her husband Hamza McNair Sister Rawaiya Divided into rumors.

“So I don’t usually do that but at the moment, I’m just so tired,” the 35-year-old nurse practitioner said on April 14 through her Instagram story. “I don’t understand why it’s okay for Hamza’s sister and those who support her to make bad comments about me when they have no idea what’s going on.”

Asking people not to comment on what they “know nothing about” Memphis requested in the deleted clip, “I’m so tired – I’m tired of the back. I’m tired of rudeness.”

Although Memphis left Tunisia on good terms with Hamza’s family, her sister is spreading big tea about her brother’s relationship on social media. Spreading the first rumors on April 7, he took to his Instagram stories to answer questions from TLC fans. “Do you think Memphis treats your brother well?” A fan asked. Without elaborating, Ravaya simply replied, “No.”

After the dramatic departure of Memphis in Season 5, Rawaya also explained that illness was not a factor. On April 12, while going to another Q&A session on Instagram, a follower asked, “Do you know why Memphis left?” He replied, “Yes.” Rawaiya has not confirmed the breakup of Memphis and Hamza, but there are big speculations 90 day engagement The couple is no longer together.

Memphis and Hamza seemed to be one of the strongest couples towards the end of the season. Spinofty has registered a local in Michigan while traveling to Tunisia to meet Hamza for the first time after dating for eight months online. Despite many obstacles, the couple got married in a traditional Tunisian wedding and Hamza was able to sit next to his wife while talking all over in January.

However, since then, the mother of three has deleted all pictures of her Tunisian husband from her Instagram and the pair no longer follow each other. Leaving hints with confidential messages, on March 13, he posted a quote on Instagram saying, “Never love a man so much that you ignore the truth about him.”

In the caption, the TLC star adds, “Love is not just a word but an action. Love should not cause pain, injury, stress, insecurity, pain, trauma or self-doubt. True love doesn’t hurt … it should be healed instead. Love is healing not unconditional! ”

When the pair are seen filming in their hometown of Muskegon in March 2022, time will tell if these are 90 day engagement The alumni are still together.

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