Memphis Smith has confirmed his separation from Hamza

90 day engagement Star Memphis Smith Confirmed her divorce from her ex-husband, Hamza MakniShe wrote on Instagram that she is a “single mother”.

“Breastfeeding / Breast Pumping Mama !! It doesn’t stop because we work, it doesn’t stop so we can sleep and it certainly doesn’t stop so we can play!… #Singlemomlife,” wrote the TLC star, 34, Wednesday, April 28th.

    '90 Day Engagement 'star Memphis confirms breakup with Hamza via Instagram post:' #SingleMomLife '
Courtesy of Memphis Smith / Instagram

Confirms the hashtag Rumors That Hamza, 26, and Muskegon, Michigan, are locally separated. Speculation of their separation began when Memphis deleted all pictures of Hamza from her Instagram and the pair did not follow each other. On March 13, Memphis hinted at another breakup, posting a quote on Instagram that said, “Never love a man so much that you ignore the truth about him.”

The ex-couple has been dating for eight months after meeting online. Their romance was seen during the filming of the TLC series, which showed Memphis traveling from America to his native Tunisia for the first time. Although they face major setbacks, such as language barriers and trust issues due to poor communication, the pair finally got engaged in a March 6 episode of the show.

“I have to tell Hamza that we have to push our marriage back, because there are some things I need to put first,” Memphis said in a clip from the March episode. “This conflict will not be pleasant for either side.”

After marriage At an unknown time, the couple learned that Memphis was pregnant with her first child, Hamza, because she already has two children. Previous relationship. Memphis shared the news of her pregnancy in an episode with her then-husband 90 day engagement: 90 days agoWhich was broadcast March 28.

“So, I’m pregnant,” she said. Hamza replied, “What? You? Are you playing with me? “Memphis embraced the two after revealing a positive pregnancy test.

Unfortunately, their marriage was short-lived, as Memphis’ post confirms that she is “unmarried.” Looks like she’s enjoying taking care of her new baby, though, the post shows her dancing while pumping breast milk.

“You keep doing mama,” he added in a comment.

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