Mick Mill claims the artists’ first-week sales numbers are driven by the label: Most

Humble match

Mick Mill claims artists’ first-week sales numbers are driven by labels: most numbers are fake

Humble match It shows that first week sales numbers are not important!

Wrapper Humble match Recently, the music industry has been called for highlighting and promoting the first week’s album sales According to Philly Rapper, these reports unfairly hurt the public perception of artists and negatively affect how their labels treat them.

Multiple emerging artists released albums last week, including Fivio Foreign’s “Bible” Of Coi Leray “Trendsetter,” and from the joint project 42 dugs And ISG The title is “The Last Remains.” Since their release, there have been numerous headlines about first-week sales and streaming numbers for these new albums.

April 13, Humble match He took to Twitter to advise artists and fans not to put too much weight on first week sales because “labels run that sh * t.” Mick’s Twitter advice began with criticism of the first week’s emphasis on album sales, which he claimed labeled “fake.” He then diverted his attention to letting artists focus on their “brand and influence”. He wrote,

“We don’t close the first week’s numbers. The labels run that sh * t, and most of the numbers are fake. You can clearly see that killing all the artists!” Focus on your brand and impact !! ”

In a follow-up tweet, Humble Record labels have been called in to “crash rap games” and force artists to drop music on Friday. He tweeted,

“They destroyed the rap game. That Friday everyone drops. Wtf is … why would you want to sell your product on a competition day … for a billboard look? What does it do for the artist?

In October last year, Humble Has released her fifth album titled “Expensive Pain”. This past February, the “Going Bad” rapper accused his record label, Atlanta Records, of “blackballing” his album and blamed them for its poor performance. He further claimed that the label had taken his music hostage and that they were preventing him from dropping another project for nine months.

“Expensive Pain” spent its first week at No. 3 in the United States Billboards 200. The following week, it dropped to No. 4.

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