Mike Shahs of Sunset has been arrested for domestic violence

Courage of the sunset Star Mike Shouhed Arrested for a domestic violence incident and charged with a felony, In contact Can confirm. The event took place on the evening of March 27, although news of his arrest and imprisonment spread on Monday, April 4.

Officers from LAPD’s West Valley Station took Shohed to the Van Nuis Prison in Los Angeles Police Department, where he was taken into custody on the morning of March 28. In contact Confirmed through online jail records. Shouhed’s bond was set at 50,000 50,000, which he posted and was released on the same day. The Bravo star is scheduled to appear in primary court on July 25.

Page six The arrests were the first to be reported.

The victim’s name has not been released, but Shohed is engaged to be engaged Paulina Ben-Cohen Since 2021.

Following the news of his arrest, Shahid deleted his Instagram account. But before doing so, he posted a video of himself dancing in his car to the late Colombian singer Joe Arroyo’s song “La Rebellion.” Page six. His Twitter account was also deleted until April 4.

Shuhed recently posted a series of quotes from a secret Instagram story about “responsibility” which he later removed, according to the publication. They read: “Your life is your responsibility. Your success is your responsibility. You are responsible for your failure. Your response is your responsibility. Your behavior is your responsibility. “

The Bravo star last appeared on Ben-Cohen’s Instagram page in a February 14 Valentine’s Day post. The couple was seen hugging his fiance around Shohed’s hand, pulling him tight. He wrote in the caption, “My eternal Valentine.”

The couple confirmed their engagement during Part 1 Courage of the sunset Season 9 reunion on August 22, 2021. Shohed further revealed that he and Ben-Cohen have been living together with their two children since their previous marriage.

During the reunion, Ben-Cohen wondered why he was ready to walk down the aisle with his wife. “He does things that no man, no man does for their children, leave it to honest children. And that’s why I know this time is so different. The love and connection we have with each other, for example, I can’t live a day without him in my life, “he said.” For example, to tell the truth, I told him before, I wouldn’t live without him. “

Shahid was previously married to a colleague Courage of the sunset Star Jessica Parido. They divorced in 2015, less than eight months after the marriage began, and the ex-couple’s divorce was finalized in 2017.

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