Mike Tyson says he was “triggered” by a punch on a JetBlue flight: he

Mike Tyson, Melvin Townsend III,

Mike Tyson says he was “triggered” by the man he punched on a JetBlue flight: he was with me

Champion boxer Mike Tyson An airline passenger is openly talking about his recent fight.

The athlete talks about the controversy in a recent episode of his podcast Hotboxin with Mike Tyson. During the discussion, Mike Tyson, 55, describes the April 20 incident where he was pictured punching a JetBlu passenger’s colleague for allegedly throwing a water bottle at him. Referring to the pending assault charges he received as a result of the incident, Boxer shouted:

“Yeah! They said they wouldn’t charge.”

Then continue:

She [was] King with me … I shouldn’t take the public plane either and my wife goes crazy that I take the public plane. “

At that time news of air gunfight was received Mike Agitator, Melvin Townsend III, The athlete refills the bottle after refusing to continue chatting with her. The video shows the man from Florida, abusing the world champion boxer from his back seat. According to Melvins Lawyers, however, were simply “too excited” to meet the former convicted felon.

Further discussing his wife’s desire for private air travel or strengthening security, due to her experience with fan-crazy incidents. Mike Calling him a “trigger”, he continued:

“What am I going to do with myself, my friends and acquaintances on the AF ** King plane, am I guessing he should see me? A bodyguard and friend … yes man. What shall I do on the plane? It triggers me.”

After landing the plane from San Francisco to Fort Lauderdale, both Mike And Melvin The reason was seen under police guard Melvin Bloody head After a brief investigation, Melvin The police department in San Mateo has also decided not to press charges of assault.


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