Monica responds to a racist reporter who criticized black stars at the CMT Awards

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R&B singer Monica Arnold responds to a white reporter who criticized black celebrities at the 2022 CMT Awards.

Actors Anthony Mackie and Jimmy Allen and Monica co-hosted the Country Music CMT Awards with live performances.

Reporter Patrick Howley, who is white, complained about non-white artists on the Nashville Awards show.

“There were a lot of black people out there,” Howley said. “Sorry to say, but many black celebrities who have nothing to do with country music and why?”

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He also criticized Mackie for hosting the CMT Awards.

“I don’t know who this black guy is hosting. It’s supposed to be country music. No offense. I mean, you all have hip-hop and basketball … just fly with your sails, bro.”

He added: “There is no disrespect to the Terrible Brothers. I like Earth Wind and Fire, Run DMC, etc. But the country music is different … It’s not Wakanda.”

Monica was outraged by Howley’s remarks. It was time for the mother of three to address Hawley’s divisive remarks Instagram page.

“I’ve never been more inspired. Patrick Howley, although your feelings may have been shared by some, not by the public!” He wrote.

“I have an all-star legendary team of true country artists who are currently working with me who would like to be different! That my skin is melancholy, but you missed that it was hard! I’m at the root of the word and finally made! See you soon, or should I say “Welcome to Wakanda” Wow করanthonymackie
“Open Road Coming Soon” MDA 7

Monica’s 16-year-old son, Rodney Ramon “Roco” Hill III Left a comment He wrote in his post: “We let hatred inspire.”

Rohan Marley, son of angry legend Bob Marley, Wrote: “Should be ‘his ass will be Smith’.”

Where Mary Mary singer Erica Campbell Wrote: “We’re here, sir. Work on it!”

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