Mooney Long reveals that he once haunted Drake because of his ‘jealous’ ex-boyfriend

Mooney Long and Drake

Mooney Long, Drake

Mooney Long Ghosting reflects on Drake because of his ‘jealous’ ex-boyfriend: ‘If only I had a time machine’

If ever there was a time Mooney Long Need a time machine, it’s now.

“Hrs and Hrs” singer, who once performed under the pseudonym Priscilla ReniaWent to TikTok on Thursday 7th April to preview the new music and let the world know that he was once a ghost Drake (Yes, Drake) -But it wasn’t exactly his fault.

Mooney Long Wrote,

“That one time in 2008 I missed a Drake feature because vtime my bf found out he was being dragged into the studio and flew into jealous rage so I slipped in and left a response to his text.”

In his caption, he said,

Mooney LongIts songs are sung by artists like Ariana Grande, Rihanna, Chris Brown, Madonna And ex-girls team The fifth similarity. When Priscilla Renia Best known for his viral cover posted on YouTube, Mooney Long He has made a name for himself by rebranding himself in the music industry. He said

“Mooney Long is the part of me that I always need. He’s the prescriber. I knew I wanted to focus on myself. I’ve been serving others for the last 12 years, and I’m starting to feel ungrateful and captive.”

His track “Hours and Hours” puts him at the top of Billboard’s list of emerging artists. He also moved from No. 3 to No. 1 on their R&B / Hip-Hop Airplay chart, which was released on April 9.

The song was released in November 2021 and quickly became popular with girlfriends around the world, especially on TikTok. It has been used for a number of special moments, including date nights and wedding proposals.

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