Morris Brown College officially regains full recognition after nearly 20 years

Morris Brown College received full recognition from the Christian College and School Transactions Association on Tuesday (April 26). Reapproval means students will be able to attend Morris Brown College, receive federal funding, and graduate with a recognized degree. According to the report, The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools withdrew Maurice Brown’s recognition in 2002 due to the school’s serious debt. The financial instability of a former leader at HBCU left the organization in dire straits, eventually forcing the school to file for bankruptcy in 2012. When Maurice Brown won the recognition candidacy in 2021, it has now been officially approved by the TRACS Association.

Over the years, Maurice Brown has not closed its doors despite bankruptcy, some opportunity foreclosures, and declining student populations. After decades of working with alumni, supporters and church officials, the school was able to repay more than $ 30 million in debt.

In a recent phone interview, the current president of Morris Brown College, Dr. Kevin JamesIt was to say:

“Morris Brown College has made history. We are excited about it. Many people have written our names. But thanks to a lot of hard work and dedication, we have been able to regain our recognition. ”

According to the report, the TRACS Association will conduct an annual review of Maurice Brown’s finances and audit as part of the post-accreditation process.

Historically Black College – a suburb of Atlanta – was founded by the African Methodist Episcopal Church in 1881 to provide higher education for African Americans after the Civil War. Many notable black Americans from the civil rights movement have joined Maurice Brown College, including; Alberta Williams King-His mother Martin Luther King Jr.– Civil rights leader Hosea WilliamsAnd hundreds of academics, doctors, athletes, and business leaders.

The school leadership will hold a press conference on Thursday (Apr. 28) to formally announce the decision and move forward for the college.

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