NBA star Kiri Irving calls media “puppet master” in a string of criticisms

NBA star Kiri Irving called the media “puppet masters” in a string of critical tweets.

Kyrie Irving The Brooklyn Net has been the subject of much debate and controversy throughout the eventful season; And it looks like he just gave the destroyers something else to talk about!

When Kyrie Irving Never a fan of the media, the 30-year-old NBA player seemed particularly upset on Thursday (April 28) because he took to Twitter to reveal. Kiri He shared a series of tweets expressing his views on media organizations and his real motives for what he felt. He even mentioned the media “Puppet Master” And as those who are documented by the media “Doll.” He first wrote,

“When I see my name or the names of my siblings spread through the media, I mention all my research on who they are. Their job is to control public perceptions, to negotiate all the time for entertainment, to disrespect and to disrespect people’s lives. “

Kyrie Irving

The former All-Star then shared a follow-up message:

“I send shots at puppet masters, not puppets. All the puppets are run around the society, trying to gain popularity and state opinion. What a life! My name is crores of rupees to this media corporation. My brothers and sisters who work on it know exactly what I mean. ”

The message came to the Boston Celtics on Monday (April 25), just three days after the end of the Brooklyn Nets season. This rate immediately rules the Nets from the NBA playoffs. With chaos and a season full of losses, Kiri Remains humble and optimistic about the future.

About a month ago, Kyrie Irving He made his home game debut in the 75th game of the season. The Brooklyn net player reportedly did not receive the coronavirus vaccine and was barred from playing home games due to local protocol forcing professional athletes to be vaccinated. However, that changed on March 24 when the mayor of New York City Eric Adams Covid-19 has overturned the vaccine order.

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