NeNe Leaks accuses Andy Cohen of ‘subversive’ talk for his own radio

Andy Cohen, Nene Lex

NeNe Leaks accuses Andy Cohen of ‘subversive’ talk for his own radio show

According to RadarOnline, Nene leaks Claiming that Andy Cohen And NBC Universal has gone out of its way to “blackball” him in the industry and “sabotage” his potential. Sirius XM Radio show!

In the 84-page case filed against him Andy CohenBravo and back producer RHOA, NeNe leaks Highlights a specific topic where he was allegedly in talks to start a new show on Sirius XM Radio. He said the defendants “interfered in the effort and committed sabotage.” Nene Claim Andy Cohen Behind closed doors he spoke to executives about it. The suit says,

“Cohen admitted that he told Sirius XM that Mrs. Lex would demand a lot of money for any role in a radio show, a clear attempt to dissuade her from making such a deal.”

Moreover, reality star Bravo and its producers have claimed RHOA He lost all interest in creating his own spin-off show as soon as he started discussing the alleged racism he had experienced while working for the network.

Andy Cohen

As previously reported, Nene leaks The parties behind the hit show have sued, claiming that they have nurtured and tolerated a hostile and racist work environment. Nene Defendants are accused of ignoring his allegations about the former co-star Kim Jolsiak-Bearman. Nene Claim Kim Made several racist-offensive statements during the filming. He complains that networks and producers often ignore him and even ask him to stop talking about it in public. Nene Also said Kim He never suffered the consequences for his actions but was given his own spin-off show.

Kim Jolsiak-Bearman – Jasmine Brand

In the lawsuit, the iconic reality star claims he was

“For this, he has denied the right to do anything other than filming RHOA When other housewives (who did not speak out against racist behavior) were given the right to do other work. “

NeNe leaks Adding that Bravo denied his right to attend the Soul Train Awards in November 2018, claimed With an alleged conflict RHOA The opener of the season. ” However, Nene There was no “conflict” as the two shows aired a week apart. The lawsuit was filed by his co-star Kandi Baras Permission to attend was granted Celebrity big brother Same season,

“Which simultaneously broadcasts on a major network RHOA – Creating a direct conflict. “

There is drama in this Nene And after season 11 of the hit reality show, the famous network enters high gear. According to RHOA Veterinarian’s case, after filming season 11,

“Revenge, discrimination and harassment against Mrs. Lex continued.”

Nene He claims that he was not offered a contract for Season 12 until Season had already begun filming a significant number of episodes, noting how this usually works. His lawyer wrote,

“It wasn’t normal, and it was vindictive. He was again offered a small number of guaranteed episodes that he should have been offered.”

Of NeNe Complaints do not end there. He is claiming Andy Cohen And NBC / Bravo continues to “blacklist” and “sabotage efforts to secure jobs outside of it.” RHOA

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