NeNe Leaks denies shading rating for ‘Kandi and the Gang’ after Kandi Baras

Nene Lex, Kandi Baras

NeNe Leak denies shading rating for ‘Kandi and the Gang’ after Kandi Baras applauds

NeNe leaks It does not have the best history Kandi BarasBut he insisted that he did not say anything negative about the ratings on his show Kandi and Gang.

The show follows the staff of the Old Lady Gang, an Atlanta-owned restaurant. Kandi Baras And her husband, Todd Tucker. It premiered in March to about 500,000 viewers, but some were unaffected, as were other shows Porsche is a family affair Made strong numbers.

One fan commented that they are never going to see Kandi and Gang And share their support for NeNe leaksThose are famously gone The real housewife of Atlanta With many of his cast members on bad terms, including Crying Burruss.

“Thanks,” NeNe Leakes wrote in response to the tweet, with many interpreting it as a shadow to Burruss and his show.

When it is mentioned to an interviewer BurrussWhy he was confused about Leakage It must be done, he said:

“What’s the rating on his show? I don’t want it to be a big shadow-casting competition between him and me because I can shadow him as much as he can shadow me. But my whole point is, I don’t understand why he Back to when she had a show, even when she and I weren’t on the same page, and I’ll still post [on my social media] Telling people to watch that show. I’m just like that … what have I done to you? What’s stopping you from doing my show? “

But Leakage Despite the rumors, he refused to say anything about the rating.

“I did not even speak [about] This girl rating[s] Because there’s something to talk about [about]? “ She wrote in the comments section after re-posting The Jasmine Brand Burruss‘Comments.

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