NeNe Leaks Says She’s Being Blacklisted, Followed And Harassed: Stop Harassment

Nene leaks

NeNe Leaks claims he is being blacklisted, stalked and harassed: Stop harassing me, my business and my family!

Reality TV star Nene leaks Believing he is being targeted.

On a set of tweets, the former “RHOA” cast member complained that he was being followed and blacklisted for telling the truth, among other things.

Nene leaks

Complaints come after that Nene leaks54, retweeted a clip of her ex-castmate Kandi Baras, 45 being interviewed. In the clip, “Candy and Gang” star Kandi Baras Is asked about Nene Apparently the new Bravo is casting a shadow over the series. Crying Says:

“I don’t want it to be a big shadow competition between him and me … but I don’t understand why he does that.”

He continued:

“Before she had a show, she and I weren’t even on the same page and I still tell people to watch her show … I don’t understand why she, I don’t understand why her fans are treating me. I’m not doing that. Is my show stopping you, nothing! “

The Xscape singer explains that shows have to be pitched and are only occasionally approved by the network.

“People always want to know ‘why he gets this show’ …. we pitch our shows! They don’t have a lot of pitch shows. And my husband, we come up with these ideas and we pitch them. Sometimes the network is for it, sometimes they are not. “

Kandi Baras and husband Todd Tucker

But it seems Nene It’s not buying. Shortly after retweeting the video, the actress tweeted:

“They always blacklist you when you tell the truth.”

The TV personality contacted fans before claiming he was being harassed and followed:

“Stop harassing me, my business and my family! Stop following me, stop blacklisting black women for speaking the truth, stop paying attorneys for not claiming discrimination! Stop!”

Earlier last week, NeNe posted a mysterious message on its Instagram page about supporting black women, restricting any comments.

According to the Black America Web, Nene Believes his troubled relationship with Bravo Andy Cohen Blacklisted him. The reality star even inserted “blacklisted” as part of her Instagram and Twitter bio.

Although allegations of being blacklisted cannot be confirmed, it is worth noting that the star was rumored to be cast in “Celebrity Big Brother” last season. To the dismay of fans, the RHOA veterinarian could not make a final cut. But fans will at least see Nene Celebrity reboot of “College Hill”.

Do you believe that NeNe is being blacklisted? Let us know in the comments section!

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