No one wants to keep 50 cents on TV + Benzino responds to allegations against 50

Coi Leray, 50 Cent, Benzino

Coin Leray wants to keep 50 cents on TV + Benzino responds to 50 for not owning the BMF trademark: You knew and never told Mitch or Sturge, you’re a slim MF!

To see Gasoline Not here for 50 cents Recent comments about his daughter Koi Lere.

Entertainment mogul 50 cents There’s been a “put on” mood lately. The “Power” producer recently promised to keep the comedian Monica Limelight again after being blacklisted. Now it looks like the “Candy Shop” rapper is set to launch a rap artist. Koi Lere In her TV debut. Recently taken on his Instagram, 50 cents Wrote:

“Now would be a good time to stop hating that coileray. I’m going to show him on your TV about his first week of work.”

Koi LereLike retweeting the idea of ​​someone who just released his debut album “Trendsetter” 50Posted by:

“GLG !!!! Let’s go!”

But the tension quickly sucked from the moment Of Coi Isolated reality TV star dad, Gasoline Has entered the chat. Following 50Its a comment CoiThat’s what the former love and hip hop star complained about 50 “BMF” does not own the trademark named after its new Starz series, and claims to have proof. In a series of Twitter posts, Gasoline Explosion 50Status writing:

“Hey RATMAN aka 59 I appreciate you putting on my Coi but does he know you and the Stars aren’t looking me in the eye lately. OK, I just got into a federal lawsuit claiming that the “BMF” trademark is not yours and knew about it and never told Meech or STARS. The big mistake is you dummy “

It appears Gasoline Feels disrespectful by 50s Shot in connection with Coi Veterinary rappers are not in good condition. Before that Coi Comments, 50 Trolled Gasoline In a report that she enjoys close relationships with trans women. Although excluded by the trans model Shawna Brooks, Gasoline Strongly deny the rumors – anyone threatening to sue for spreading false stories. But the threat from music producers has not stopped 50 From reposting Shawna Brooks Stories, tagging Gasoline And text:

“There’s definitely a lot going on.”

His attack continued, Gasoline He questioned the loyalty of his daughters and gave more details about the “BMF ‘trademark situation.

Gasoline And Coi As the title promotion continues Of Coi The popularity grows. Earlier this year, the “Blick Blick” rapper accused his father of sending threatening texts to his mother. This came later Coi Stated Gasoline “Break gone” during a promotional interview. Their tense relationship also came up several times in Coi’s new album.

Later their public drama, Coi Gave a final address for the situation that he hopes his father will be able to “cure offline”.

Do you think 50 cents only offered Coi a TV role to exclude Benzino? Tell us what you think in the comments section.

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