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Octomum Nadia Suleiman Child
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Not a dull moment! Nadia SuleimanWidely recognized as “Octomum”, it became a family name in 2009 when it welcomed a healthy octopus. At the time, she had already conceived six more children through IVF, making her a 14-year-old mother.

Although she had previously signed a contract for a reality TV show in the UK, the star – who is known as Natalie Suleiman on Instagram – has been largely out of the public eye. However, she often shares updates about her older child on social media.

On June 15, 2020, she posted several new pictures of her kids smiling as they spent time together in the kitchen. “Naria and Malia are slowly taking over as head chefs as they love to cook.”

Her son Aidan was markedly missing from the picture. The star had previously spoken on Instagram about her developmental disorder, revealing that she was in the “autism spectrum”. Nadia vowed to “never give up on him” and discussed how she wanted to give him the best life possible.

In another heartfelt post on the platform, Fullerton Native expressed how grateful he is for the loyal following he has gained over the past 12 years. Nadia revealed at the time what she wanted to achieve next year.

“I will try to share more with you all these years; And furthermore, misinterpretation from my past. 2020 marks the seventh year since I survived the false life I was living; I am trying to build a better life for my family, “he wrote in the caption.

After seeing the latest pictures of her kids, fans can’t believe how big they have become. Nadia had previously been overwhelmed by what they were becoming as incredible people as they celebrated their first day of fifth grade in August 2019.

“All of you are becoming the kindest, selfless, caring people I know,” he noted.

Scroll down the gallery below to see photos of Nadia’s favorite kids today!

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