NutriSystem Partner Plan Helps Jack and Randy Ballard Lose 100

To lose weight, many people may first start looking for a personal trainer or nutritionist. While both can be helpful, it turns out that one of your biggest motivators may already be by your side.

Studies have shown that couples who work together to lose weight lose 20 percent more than those who diet on their own. Married couple Zack And Randy Ballard This makes a strong case for these results when they lose 100 pounds together on the Nutricystem Partner Plan.

Jack-Randy-Ballard-Before-Nutritional System
Nutrition system

Before Jack and Randy Ballard Nutrition Systems.

Jack lacked strength, especially around his girls, and was not feeling well about himself. When he saw a picture of his family on the beach and could no longer recognize himself, he knew he had to change. Jack, however, was not a fan of the diet. She wanted something she could count on to guide her to her health goals without hindrance.

“When I was looking for a weight loss program, I looked around and I said, ‘I need a program that’s stupid,’ and the nutritional system is it,” Jack said in a video where he and his wife discussed their journey. “It tells you what to eat, when to eat it, how to eat it and there are many success stories.”

Jack signs up for the nutritional system and Randy soon joins her husband “jealous” to lose weight. He said he was “upset” looking at his old photos and knew he was ready to get back on track.

Jack-Randy-Ballard-After-Nutrition System
Nutrition system

After Jack and Randy Ballard Nutrition Systems.

Ballards decided to try the Nutricystem Partner Plan together. This plan offers meals that are very easy to prepare, new premium options with breakfast, lunch and dinner snacks and even up to 30 grams of protein. Jack loses 65 on the plan and Rondi loses 35.

“Putting together a NutriSystem partner plan makes it a lot easier to hold each other accountable,” Jack said. Since losing weight with the nutritional system, she now runs three to four miles every morning and can now walk happily with her kids.

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