NY subway gunman targets subway riders on foot, shooter rumored to be unhappy

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According to eyewitnesses, the gunman who fired the shots inside a subway train was reportedly aiming at the victims’ feet.

According to police sources, the gunman used “small caliber ammunition” – probably .380 caliber.

The shooting happened early Tuesday morning as the train stopped in a tunnel at 36th Street and Fourth Avenue stations in the vicinity of Sunset Park.

At least 10 people were shot and 28 injured, according to the NYPD. Ten people who were shot during the crowd were taken to hospital. According to the NYPD, all are listed in stable condition.

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Most of the injured have been treated for smoke inhalation, according to the report Fox News.

Witnesses say the man, wearing a gas mask, dropped a smoke bomb and began firing at passengers on a southbound train. He fled before the train could stop. The train continues to the next station where the victims fall off.

There were no CCTV cameras inside the subway station.

The firing on the subway is not being investigated as an act of terrorism.

According to Fox News, Investigators can identify the gunman, who is still hiding. The gunman, described as a 5′-5 “black man, is rumored to be a disgruntled former transit employee.

The NYPD will increase police presence on subway trains for commuting during the evening rush hour, police say.

Crime on the NYC subway has increased by 81%, according to the NYPD. Ridership has been steadily rising since the epidemic in 2020, but subway ridership is still 40% lower, according to Fox News.

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