Olivia Z’s bikini photo: Steamyest swimsuit photo

Daughter of youtuber and actress Laurie Laughlin, Olivia Z. Gianuli Has collected a great following over the years! Starting her social media career in high school, she gained more than a million followers on Instagram and YouTube in the early twenties. And over time, Olivia showed off her inner confidence by showing off some smoky hot bikini photos online, of course starting with different colors and styles!

Whether it’s for the holidays or for a fun selfie, the brunette beauty has teased her fans with some steamy two-piece looks, such as in January 2022 when she posed for a pompous swimsuit-clad Instagram post.

“If I do, don’t mind,” Olivia captioned the moment she turned her head to the camera, smiling in front of a stunning tropical scene.

Although she faced a backlash for the 2019 college admissions scandal, Olivia sought to dispel all negativity by exploring her dance journey in the 30th season. Dancing with the Stars. He also opened up about the confidence he had gained before his successful run in the hit ABC series.

“I think it makes me emotionally weird because … I won’t cry,” he said. Entertainment tonight In October 2021, apparently during a fight with tears. “I think what I was trying to find out was, [over] The last few years, a little embarrassing. So, it’s really like having a new sense of confidence, obviously a lot comes up Good [Chmerkovskiy] And stay on the show, and I’m really grateful. “

Unfortunately, Olivia’s time DWTS The “Janet Jackson Night” of November 2021 ended when she and Val were dropped. However, she confirmed on social media that she has shown her compassion for the dance profession

“I’ll miss it !!” The social media personality captioned a carousel post of photos featuring her and Val’s various dance moments. “Thank you for being the best disgusting partner and friend I could ask. It was so much fun.”

Many viewers also noted Olivia’s return to the world of entertainment and commented on her post to commend her for all her hard work.

“You look so beautiful, charming, likeable, weak, honest and extremely talented,” one fan wrote. “You can literally become a professional dancer,” another weighs in, while another countless Los Angeles native praises his dancing skills. “Incredible spirit, great dancer, wonderful and resilient person!” A separate commenter has been added.

Now that she’s got some pride back, Olivia often shares snapshots of her style feelings and uncomfortable swimwear with her followers.

Scroll through the gallery to see Olivia Z’s hottest bikini photos.

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