Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King reflect on how a blizzard spread to their 46-year-old

Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King reflect on how a blizzard gave birth to their 46-year-old friendship: We’ve been talking all night

Power house pair Oprah Winfrey And Gayle King A reflection of their 47 years of friendship!

Oprah Winfrey,68, was a 22-year-old news anchor on Baltimore’s WZZ-TV when he made the offer. Gayle King, 67, then a 21-year-old production assistant / writer at the station, the site of a nightmare caused by a heavy snowstorm. The two had no idea it would trigger their long-term friendship. Oprah Winfrey Explained,

“We talked all night. We’ve been friends since then. ”

The couple recently sat down and talked about their boundless love and admiration for each other. They share that although they do not agree on everything, they share the same values ​​and philosophy about life and often have enthusiastic discussions around current events.

Oprah Winfrey, Gayle King | Photo credit: People Magazine

When their bonds are deep, Oprah Winfrey And Gayle King Make sure to inform their fans about their polar opposite personalities! King An extrovert who “Loves a good ride,” When Winfrey The happiest at home relaxed and curled up with a book. Both women have revealed that they often come across fans who refer to themselves and their BFF as their favorite couple. Gayle Explained,

“I always get, ‘This is my Oprah’ .. This is one of the biggest compliments.”

Oprah Added

“And I always get, ‘This is my Gayle.’ I understand what that means: long-term, standing still, no matter what I do for you here.

It is clear that these two share a strong bond and connection that they truly cherish. When reflecting on friendship, Gayle King Said

“I am [can] Trust him on anything. His advice is always very good. ”

Oprah It also revealed that their 46-year-old friendship never had a “serious argument”.

“People will find it hard to believe, but we’ve never had a serious argument … It’s definitely a nice friendship.”

Watch the full interview below:

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