On Saturday, Prince William went to the FA Cup final alone. The final was Chelsea vs. Liverpool, and the match was at Wembley. William is the president of the Football Association, an honorary title meaning “watching football” is considered work for him. Are you surprised that the Duchess of Cambridge and the little Prince George did not come? I’m surprised. George talked about football and he has been out for football and rugby matches before. Maybe Will and Kate decided not to bring George to the FA Cup final because it was all sh-t to go to the Euro final last summer. In the end, it was probably a smart choice because William was haughty when he went on the field to shake hands with both teams:

I had to listen to it a few times to realize that there was a significant improvement in “buooooo” as William announced. Scooby said it could be about the Hillsboro disaster that happened in the 1989 FA Cup semifinals and that 97 people died. There was a cover and people are still trying to get justice. I was sure that Part Because there were so many boos. But surely some people were just gossiping about Prince William? I mean Okam’s razor!

Meanwhile, don’t let this crack get you down: on Friday night, William went to a special private club for dinner with “friends”. The Daily Mail avoids naming friends or even mentioning the gender of friends. The club belongs to Oswald, and is super-exclusive and for men and women. The Mail wrote that William “Oswalds was photographed leaving central London at 11pm last night after spending three hours with a friend. “ So now he was only eating with One Friend? William was accompanied by three security guards. No Kate, obviously. And there is no Kate in the FA Cup. This story is hidden in plain sight.

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Kodak is black

Kodak Black Pops Out With Mystery Woman [PHOTO]

Isn’t “Super Gremlin” rapper on the market?

This week, (May 12) Florida-born rapper Kodak is blackThe real name is Bill Capri, who has spread dating rumors through his official Instagram account with a post about himself and a mysterious woman.

The speculation started after he was 24 years old Kodak is black Shared a photo of the two of them up at a club. The mysterious woman seems to be one of the bottle girls working at the club. He captioned the post,

“So you want to read for the bad guy ???”

Black Previously dating other women has been linked. Shortly after his release from prison in 2021, Black A fellow rapper has announced his engagement to Melo Rakz. Within months of the proposal, the two released him.

Kodak Black, Melo Rex

Before her engagement, Black Again linked on and off with girlfriend Maranda Johnson. The couple has a daughter, who was born earlier this year. He never showed up Black’s Social because of his preserved personality.

Kodak Black, Maranda Johnson

He also has a son with his ex-girlfriend Jamia Broomfield.

Kodak Black, Jamia Broomfield and their son

Do you think Kodak Black is settling down again? Let us know below!


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Curtain cap

Controversial YouTube influencer Kevin Samuels Appeared in last night’s episode “Atlanta” Title “Rich Wiga, Poor Wiga,”.

Directed the episode Donald GloverSamuels and comedian features George Wallace Grilling a biracial high school student that is passing for white.

Aaron’s father is black, but Aaron Marks As white

Samuels plays Robert S. Lee, a wealthy philanthropist who offers to change the name of the high school as well as provide college tuition for all black students.

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Curtain cap

Hoping to get college tuition to join Arizona State with his white girlfriend, Aaron goes to a gym where Lee (Samuels) is auditioning students to prove their blackness before giving them tuition.

Samuels, Wallace and other elders tested Aaron’s knowledge of black culture to prove that he is black.

Aaron is asked to “name six things mixed with Hennessy” and explain “why five heartbeats break.”

Samuels and Wallace finally agree that Aaron is not black and he has taken the storm. Aaron plans to build a flamethrower and burns down his high school that night.

When he arrives at the school, he sees Felix, a Nigerian student who has been told he is not black enough. Felix also has a flamethrower and plans to burn down the high school.

Aaron told Felix that he was not actually black because he had a “pull from culture” and a “return to the country.”

After an argument, they chase each other around the school with their flamethrowers. Felix tries to shoot Aaron, but the police come and a policeman shoots Felix.

Samuels comes to school after his bathrobe. “My school,” he says, while surveying the damage to the flamethrower.

Samuels walks away as Felix is ​​loaded into an ambulance and says “You really wanted that scholarship, didn’t you, boy?”

He then gives Felix a tuition check and tells her that “the blackest thing a person can do is be shot by the police.”

Watch the video below.

In March 2022, rumors began to spread that Teenage mother The franchises will come together to create a mega-series. Now, the rumors are true, and Teenage mother: Inheritance There is work.

“Eight [moms] Filming for the show, whether all the girl’s parts enter the episode will depend on how exciting their footage is, “a production source said earlier. Ashley.

“Not everyone will be in every episode,” the insider added. “[They] They will only be paid for the episodes in which they will be appearing. “

For the eight women we can expect, there will be women on the cast Teenage mother Ozzy And Adolescent mother 2. According to internal sources, Adolescent mother: young + pregnant Will not be part of it and will remain separate.

After the season 11 finale on Tuesday, May 10, Leah Messer He was seen saying goodbye in the series.

“I will forever be grateful for the memories, experiences, lessons, opportunities and friends / colleagues who have become family over the years. # TeenMom2, “The mother of three wrote through her Instagram story, ending her speech with a prayer hand emoji and a red heart, seemingly saying goodbye.

However, Leah has signed back to join Adolescent mother 2 castmates Jade Klein, Ashley Jones And Brianna Dieses As they join forces Teenage mother Ozzy They Caitlin Baltiera, Massey bookout, Cheyenne Floyd And Amber Portwood.

Unfortunately, Layer is a former BFF Kylen Lori MTV shot his last scene with the camera Ashley The mother of four was reportedly “asked” to join the new show but eventually “refused the show.”

“Thank you for the opportunity and never slander that I was able to branch out because of this,” Kyle wrote in the official comments section. Teenage mother Instagram account before the season 11 finale. “Thanks to everyone who supported me on this journey! Can’t wait to see everyone’s story in future episodes!”

Unlike “Coffee Convos” Cohost, Teenage mother OzzyOf Mackenzie Mackie It is learned that he was not asked to join InheritanceAlthough it is unclear why.

Dr Dre

Dr. Dray has donated $ 10 million to Compton High School’s new Performing Arts Center: The city is special and the young people who live in it are special.

Dr Dre Returning his own city community in a major way!

The 57-year-old rapper / entrepreneur has donated $ 10 million for a new $ 200-million campus for Compton High School. The foundation stone laying ceremony of the school was held on Saturday (May 7) Dr Dre Was present. According to the report, the facility will be named “Andre ‘Dr. Drew’s Young Performing Arts Center. “At the event, Dr. Drew said:

“I was an art child in school for which there was no outlet. I knew I had something special to offer the world, but since I had nothing to support my gift, the schools made me feel invisible … this city is special, and [the] The young people living in it are special. “

Dr Dre

He continued,

“I always wondered how far I could go if I got the resources I needed at school. If I only knew more about the business industry, I could save myself [an] Extreme amount of time, money and most importantly, [made] Lots of friendships. “

Superintendent Darren Brawley had this to say Dr. Dress Contribution,

“I am grateful to Mr. Young, not just for doing so [a] Contribute to our district and its students, but to see our students as valuable … as potential and worthy of opportunity. “

Funding for the high school was also made possible in 2015 by measuring district bonds passed by voters, the report said.

The new campus for Compton High School will serve 1,800 students and will include a new academic building, gym, aquatic center, football stadium and track.

The new campus will open in early 2025.

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below!

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“Little lady” Star Mrs. Juicy Baby He is out of the intensive care unit after suffering a stroke.

Representatives of the reality TV star said TMZ She is recovering well after being removed from the ICU.

His team says he has had a stroke, and he “wants everyone to know he’s fighting and ready to go home.”

Mrs. Juicy’s sister, Ask EvansMade one GoFUndMe Raise money for her medical bills on Monday.

Evans writes:

“Although we do not have a specific date for when he will be out of the hospital and when he will be able to return to work, we need your help until he recovers. We will appreciate whatever you can offer.”

The representative of Mrs. Juicy added, “She wants to thank her fans for showing so much love and keeping them in prayer.”

Mrs. Juicy Baby, born Charlene King Pearson, began her career as a radio personality. “The Ricky Smiley Morning Show” Atlanta, Ga.

He is best known as a cast member in Lifetime’s reality TV series “Little lady”.

Mrs. Juicy was born on January 5, 1972, with pituitary dwarfism. His age is 50

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The family of the next 4 people! John David Duger And his wife, Abby Dugar, Officially expecting a child No. 2, but when is the reality reality star’s due date? The pair made the announcement during a Mother’s Day celebration on Sunday, May 8.

“That little girl who calls me Mom, and for our little boy at the end of the summer, I’ll love you forever!” Abby, 30, shows her baby bump in a floral pink dress holding the hand of her daughter Grace Annette Duger in the caption of an Instagram photo on the couple’s joint account.

Rumors of a possible pregnancy spread when a Reddit user Abby stumbled upon her Pinterest account in February 2022 and noticed To count The alum had a board titled “Pink or Blue”. His mother Cheryl Burnett, Featuring an array of baby announcement ideas that followed the board. At the time, Abby “liked” several baby shower ideas, including a potentially bumblebee theme.

This is not the first time fans have speculated that the couple is adding to their family. After Abby uploaded an anniversary post in November 2021, which she captioned, “It was a happy anniversary,” some fans took “happy” as an indication that big things were happening.

“My dugout spidy senses are shaking,” commented a separate Reddit user at the time. “Based on anything other than capitalization in the caption, I’m going to say that these two are expected.”

John David, 32, and Abby, who married in November 2018, welcomed their first daughter, Grace Annette Dugar, in January 2020.

In October 2021, the family faced a major setback when John David crashed his Piper PA-30 after running out of fuel in Waverly, Tennessee. At the time, the Humphrey County Sheriff’s Office confirmed the crash In contact But only a family in Arkansas could reveal it was involved. John David and Abby live in Springdale, Arkansas.

Dr. received the report of the accident In contact, Documents show that the six-seater plane had two more people (later confirmed to be wife Abby and their daughter Grace). John David and Abby, both pilots, broke their silence about the horrific crash in January 2022.

“An emergency landing or plane crash is a scary thing, but that’s exactly what pilots are trained for,” the couple said in a statement obtained by Celebuzz. “We are very grateful for God’s protection, because when it happened last October, we all left unharmed. We appreciate the love and care that so many have shown us! ”

During this piecemeal news, my good. OK, so on Friday afternoon GMT, Buckingham Palace announced that the Queen has decided that Trooping the Color Balcony Mess will be for “working royal family” only, meaning: Charles, Camilla, William, Kate, Wessexes, Princess Anne, Gloucester and Kents Plus The children of Wessex and the children of Cambridge. So they are announcing ahead of time that Sussex will not be allowed on the porch and so will Yorks (none of them, not even Beatrice and Eugene). Then, a few minutes later, a Sussex spokesman confirmed that they would be joining Jubilee?!?!

Take it, don’t do it, it’s a trap. Don’t bring your kids to bad places! I mean, I understand – Harry really wants the Queen to see her children. And obviously, behind the scenes, Charles and the Queen are taking some action and lying on some criminal journey about how to get to Sussex. But you all know that Baldemart and Button McGee will do the most to “snub” Harry and Megan.

Sussex is not allowed on the porch … At the time of the announcement, I guess the palace would have announced it if Harry had been informed in advance. And I think he’s fine too, and that may be his idea. For example, “Don’t use me or my kids to promote your porch.”

Anyway, thanks, I hate this.

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Chris Rock, Will Smith

Chris Rock Jokes: During Dave Chappell’s recent comedy show, “I’ve Ever Raped the Softest N ****”

Comedian Chris Rock Apparently joking about slapping Will Smith This year at the Oscars.

Join fellow comedian Dave Chappell In the recent comedy show, the two entertainers punched about their shared experiences. Launching her first show since being ambushed on stage at the Hollywood Ball last Tuesday (May 4). Dave Chappell Immediately address viral events.

Dave Chappell He described the incident, saying that he did not see the faces of his attackers, but held his hair. The performer went on to express his gratitude to those who approached him after the dispute, saying:

“A lot of people love me, it turns out.”

Dave Chappell

It is known that Dave Later actors and comedians joined Chris Rock, Who recently had a violent interaction on stage. In March of this year, the Oscar-winning actor slapped the stand-up performer in the face. Will Smith Made on a GI Zen comparison trick Will’s Wife, Jada Pinkett Smith Cost has been reported in the news, after joining Dr. Chris On stage, Dave Humor:

“At least you got smacked by someone famous! I hit a homeless man in the hair.”

The line is said to have received several laughter from the audience as well Chris Who answered himself:

“I’m fascinated by the softest n-rap.”

The report states that Chris Go on stage with Dave For the rest of the show. Earlier this week, a man was trying to tackle a video clip Dave Has gone viral on stage. The identity of the 23-year-old youth Isaiah Lee, Told the comedian that the attack was to raise awareness of Brooklyn’s politeness. It is known that Isaiah He said his grandmother had been forcibly evicted from her neighborhood and that the attack was carried out to draw attention to her. Dave He was quoted as saying that he believed the aspiring rapper was suffering from mental illness.

Dave He refused to complain after the incident. However, a recent report has indicated that Dave The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, however; Isaiah The incident was photographed in an ambulance in a bloody state, his arms curved.


Do you think that what happened to Will Smith is on top of Chris Rock? Give us your thoughts in the comments!

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A Southern University cheerleader who used to write suicide notes as a teenager has taken her own life.

“May this day bring me rest and peace.” Ariana Miller wrote a long suicide note in her name Instagram page On wednesday

Her body was found in the Mississippi River after school officials informed her Suicide note Wednesday around 9 p.m.

In his post, which received more than 65,000 likes, Miller wrote about his fight against suicidal ideation at a young age.

“I’ve been fighting this urge since I was a teenager. I’ve given this life all my struggles. I’m grateful to everyone who has entered my life and I can only imagine how it will find you.”

He continued:

“I pray to the people in my life you learn to express your feelings and always get help !!! I have failed at this and I am afraid it is too late. Mom, thank you so much, I pray you know I am at rest now You gave me everything to make me happy, You gave me everything to make me happy! I am happy in the water where everything is calm and peaceful. I wrote many suicide notes in my life but finally, I reached my end. Teaches to test “strong” friends, always be present! I oppose myself but never give up !!! “

Southern University and A&M College Issued a statement On Twitter:

“We are saddened to lose Arlana Miller, a newcomer to Southern University, a cheerleader.

On May 4, 2022, at approximately 9 p.m., Southern University Athletics Department was notified of a social media post that eventually led to this unfortunate announcement.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, a time to raise awareness about mental or behavioral health issues and help reduce stigma.

Counseling is available at the University Counseling Center for all students and especially for student-athletes in the department. Holistic Behavioral Health Hotline offers 24/7 counseling services. Please call (225) 368-9602.

We ask for your prayers, love, and support.

Our deepest sympathies to Miller’s family, SU Cheer and friends.
We love you Arlana

#Forverjag. “