Police found multiple guns in A $ AP Rocky’s home after his arrest in LAX

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After being arrested at LAX on 4/20, detectives found a cache of guns at A $ AP Rocky’s Los Angeles, CA mansion.

While in A $ AP custody, police executed a search warrant to seize the gun used to shoot a man during an argument in Hollywood last year.

The law enforcement has given this information TMZ Detectives will conduct a ballistic test of the weapon to determine if a gun was used in the shooting.

Police will also determine if the firearms are legal, who bought them or whether they were stolen.


Parents Rihanna and A $ AP Rocky went out for dinner at Giorgio Baldy in Santa Monica a few days after his arrest. The two were seen coming to their baby shower dinner with friends and family.

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Rihanna’s legs and ankles were swollen and she was upset a few days after her baby’s father was arrested for shooting a man. How embarrassing for mom.

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Rocky was arrested last week at a private LAX terminal while he and Rihanna were returning from their vacation in his hometown of Barbados, TMZ reported. He posted the bond on the same day.

Rocky, who was born to Rakim Athelstan Myers, told a man that the rapper had shot him more than once and was charged last November with assault with a deadly weapon after a bullet aimed at his hand.

Rocky and his legal team told TMZ they were shocked by his arrest and his alleged involvement in the shooting. Police say they snatched him from a private jet because they needed surprise material to search his home for weapons.

Contains video BACKGRID.com Shows police take boxes from Rocky’s home to the street. The video shows a homeless tent a few steps away from Rocky’s privacy gate.

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