Princess Love and Trick Daddy discusses Women’s History Month, Ray J, Divorce and

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Princess love Off Strategy DadOf “I got my pot” Cooking show on Facebook To discuss various topics while cooking beef tail and brown beans and rice.

“How do you all get the month of women’s history?” Strategy asked. Princess Love taught him why women need months of history.

“You know how you got here, don’t you?” Princess Dr. “Women bring life to this world. We have a portal between our feet through which life comes.”

Princess also touched on the second divorce case Ray J.. “Ray filed for divorce a second time because he was insignificant,” she said. She added that she was an obedient wife who decorated the house for her husband every holiday.

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Trick says Ray J still talks about the princess. But he argued that Ray J was a highly controlling Capricorn.

“Ray and I are great friends. We are great business partners,” he said, adding that their relationship is strictly business.

Princess, 37, and Ray J, 41, married in August 2016. They welcome their first child, Melody Love NorwoodIn May 2018. They also welcomed a son together in December 2019. Ray J filed for divorce in September 2020.

Watch the video below.

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