Publicist Rip Michaels explains why he hired Tip Harris for his first paid comedy

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Comedian / Preacher Rip Michaels Explain why he took a risk by hiring ambitious comics Tip Harris For his first paid standup comedy gig at the Barclays Center.

The rapper was inspired by the 15,000-capacity crowd at Rip Michaels April Fool’s Comedy Jam Saturday, April 9th.

The bill includes other comedians and rappers Lil ‘Kim, Joe Tory, Ronnie Jordan, Jacob Williams, Michael Blackson, b. Simon, Tony Roberts, Dere Davis And Wallet yo.

TI, who is now tipping, came out for a standing ovation from the crowd on stage who helped him become a Grammy-winning rap artist.

Tip started well, the crowd was initially receptive, but cheers quickly turned to cheers as Tip’s delivery and timing stopped.

After he left the stage, Rip Michaels punished the crowd for blaspheming the rap legend.

Michaels praised Tip for trying something different and asked DJ jealousy The rapper played one of the many hit songs of TI, in which the crowd stood up, danced and cheered.

Rip Michaels explains why he supports Tip’s journey in comedy when other established comedians have spoken out against it.

“Everyone, rich or poor, famous or not, deserves to follow their passion, but not everyone will have the courage to do what Tip is doing. I am proud to be the first person to hire Tip as a paid comedian,” he said.

“I gave him a chance to test his skills at a sold-out stadium in my April Full Comedy Jam at the Barclays Center, knowing how tough the Brooklyn spectators would be. I admire him for the way he handled himself. Everyone is proud. It’s going to happen in the end. “

Rip Michaels provided an exclusive video of Tip’s standup performance below.

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