Pusha gets emotional when she talks about her parents spending 4 months:

Pusha T.

Pusha T gets emotional when she talks about her parents passing 4 months: I’m still sad, they’re good I know it

Continue to send up prayers for Pusha T..

The “Daytona” artist became emotional in a recent interview when she discussed the grief of losing both her parents a few months apart.

Pusha T’s Mom, Mildred Thornton, Died in unknown circumstances in November last year. In March of this year, the rapper announced his father’s death, Jean Elliott Thornton. Time to sit together Breakfast Club Host Charlamagan tha khoda, Pusha T, Terrence Thornton was born, Shared how he is coping with the mental ordeal. When asked how he copes with grief, Pusha T.44, sighed and replied:

“I think one thing that is helping me deal with grief at the moment – my parents have been away for four months – I just know I was fine with my parents, both of them, really good.”

Pusha T’s father, Jean Elliott Thornton Sr.

He continued:

“I’m selfishly sorry, I’m mourning now.”

The “If You Know You Know” artist tried to collect himself before leaving, however, he was seemingly overwhelmed with emotion. With tears in his eyes, he added:

“They’re fine, I know.”

Pusha T’s mother Mildred Thornton

Charlemagne Then ask Pusha T. About his inheritance, and if it changes after the death of his parents. He replied:

“I think so man … I think so.”

The “Morsi” artist took a moment to ask for tissue and take a moment to process his emotions.

As previously reported, Pusha T. Announced earlier this year that he was breaking up with her Connie West Good. To start a music label in your own name Hairwave Music Group. The rapper has recently announced a tour date for his debut album, released under his label It’s not dry yet (INDY), Which will start in May this year.

We continue to pray for Pusha T and her family at this time.

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