Rapper Maino admits he likes to play the role of a fugitive slave


Rapper Maino admits he likes to play the role of a fugitive slave [VIDEO]

Wrapper Maino He made a startling confession about the idea of ​​playing a fugitive slave during sex with white women, which caused a stir on social media.

In a video released April 12, the Brooklyn rapper Maino In a recent interview, she told the “Angela Your Lip Service” podcast about how she likes it in the bedroom. When talking about the role, Maino Admitting to enjoying the role of “fugitive slave” is something she has never said before. One of the co-hosts immediately replied “OK, no” when the guard was called Angela Yeh Shouted

“Maino! Oh my God! “

After the confession, Maino Kinky continues to share and share more details about Fantasy,

“I like to play like a runaway slave. I like to play with a white woman like a disobedient slave. “

He is the presenter of the program Maino It is then discussed what words are being exchanged during sexual intercourse. At the time of exchange, Maino Admittedly, most women are not in role-playing sessions, which include “hooping” her. He continued,

“But most of them don’t want to play like that. Listen, you will act like the master’s wife, and I got hooked by the master to make you look up, “he said. “But the whole time, you really were, you know, you liked it, you turned a blind eye to me. It’s some weird sh * t.”

The 48-year-old rapper would suggest playing a role with his women, but said he had never been with a woman who “really went with it.” Angela Yeh He then asks what would happen if a woman called him N-word. Maino Continue and add one more poignant confession, jokingly saying that this is the point where he will be dismissed.

“Look at where it goes deep, and here’s where I’ll probably be dismissed after that. Although that’s not right! It’s all fantasy shit. In a fantasy world, for this reason… I never did, no one ever did it. So the other fantasy is that they They’re whipping me, and they’re calling me a ***. “

Watch the clip below.

As expected, his comments triggered an uproar from Twitter users. See some responses Minor Fantasy below.

Responding to his confession via Instagram, Maino He claimed in a video sitting in a car with a friend that he was joking Jim Jones. In front of the camera, he said,

“Can’t you take all the jokes?” … You have no sense of humor since n ***? You don’t like to play around? Mu! ”

Maino, Jim Jones

Jim Jones Ask if it was a “fantasy” or not, because Maino To answer,

“It never happened!”

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