Rapper NLE Choppa has created a natural BBL supplement: hips, butt and big

NLE Choppa

Rapper NLE Choppa has created a natural BBL supplement: enlarging buttocks, buttocks and even breasts.

NLE Chopper The use of all-natural herbs and meditation has changed the lifestyle of the young rapper for the better.

April 12, Rapper Dr. NLE ChoppaBryson Potts, born, told his followers via Twitter that he had

“Created a natural BBL blend that enlarges buttocks, buttocks and even breasts.”

The supplement titled “BBL Herb Concoction” is a herb that has the same effect on the body as the Brazilian butt lift (aka BBL). NLE Choppa Wrote,

“I am proud of myself. I recognized
Everyone wants an African body
Nowadays and they have resorted to surgery to do this. Which kills about 1 in every 1000 people. I created a natural BBL blend that enlarged buttocks, buttocks and even breasts. Share it to save a life. ”

As previously reported by Jasmine Brand, Choppa Announced in January 2021 that she wants to sell a herbal supplement that acts as a Brazilian butt lift and increases breast size. The rapper claims,

“2022 I will present an herb that naturally acts as a BBL and also increases breast size.

There is one death for every 3000 surgeries. Let’s get the body you want naturally. I’m here to help. “

The 19-year-old rapper started and founded his own health and wellness company, NLE Health and Wellness, which shifted the focus of his career from hip-hop to herbal medicine. The Healing Herbs line sells items such as: incense, sage, palo santo sticks, simos, mugwart, detox and many more items that are rightly said to improve the mind, body and soul of the users. The rapper-turned-herbalist said last week that he has experienced “5 to 7” bowel movements a day because of the consistency of his lifestyle.

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