Rappers Asian Doll & Katie Got Bandz have a heated Twitter exchange

Asian The Brat and Katie Got Bands

Enter the hot Twitter exchange about rappers Asian Doll and Katie Gott Bands, the queen of drill music.

Who do you think should be crowned as the “Queen of Drills” music?

Wrapper Asian doll (Aka Asian da Brat) and Katie Gott Bandage The official drill has recently gone viral on Twitter about who should be the title holder. 25 years old Asian dollBorn Misharan Allen, a local rapper from Dallas who was the first woman to sign Gucci quality 1017 Eskimo Records. He recently dropped a new drill single that gives samples Justin Bieber “Baby” song and declared herself “Drill Queen”.

However, it seems that not everyone is here Of Asian dolls Self-appointed title. Fellow drill rap artist Katie Gott Bandage, Born Kiara Johnson, a rising rapper who is affectionately known as the “Queen of Drill” because she was the first female rapper to influence the drill music scene. The 28-year-old Chicago native initially gained recognition through his 2015 song “Pop-Out.”

The drama between the two rap artists began on Friday (April 7) when they threw a series of tweets at each other, which seems to be an argument that first started making drill music. The exchange started after a tweet posted by Katie Gott Bandage That rap icon claims Nicki Minaj, 39, sent him a stimulating message about his music. He tweeted,

“I’m speechless. I woke up to a message from Nikki Minaj. I love you, Queen.”

According to the message, Nicki Minaj There were plans to arrive Katie Gott Bandage When he noticed the “Make Me Rich” rapper had been texting him since 2017. Nicki Minaj Wrote,

“That’s great. I never knew you’ve been texting me since 2017 if I hadn’t tried to DM you! That’s crazy. Sending my love. Listen to the tape you sent.”

From there, things got a little messy. Now in a deleted post, Asian doll Shared a so-called old tweet from Katie What was read before 2012,

“Nicky is against us.”

Katie Gott Bandage

Katie No time wasted on responding to the seemingly re-posted tweet. He said

“First you stole the name Kashdol, now you think you’re coming for Drill Queen? D-MN B-TCH Do you make anything? “

Asian doll Replied,

“Shut Yo Bull Dog A-Up if you ask for a feature directly on my DM year after year.”

Katie Retaliate,

“Wait B-TCH Come on F-CK-NG don’t forget that you mentioned me when you started rapping after me in the interview and DM told me you’re going to die forever doing a song with me from Bro.”

After about an hour of exchange, Koi Lere24, chiming in and trying to calm the two “trendsetters”.

Nicki Minaj Not the only popular rapper recently given Katie Gott Bandage His props

Before he deleted his own Twitter account last week, the New York rapper Cardi b Illinois acknowledges rapper as the first woman she has seen doing drill music. Katie Gott Bandage Replied,

Both Asian The Brat And Katie Gott Bandage Currently claiming to be the queen of drills in their bios on Instagram.

I don’t think so Asian doll Or Katie Gott Bandage Will be released anytime soon.

What are your thoughts on this whole situation? Let us know in the comments below!

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