Return to General Brown Tees Coyote Pass

Returning? Sister wife Star Janelle Brown In a social media video, Coyote has probably teased fans about returning to the pass

“Hey, so, you have to forgive… I have a garrison here. Garrison, say ‘hello,’ ”the TLC personality, 52, began his clip, which he posted via Instagram on Saturday, April 9th. Janelle was smiling in her ear while panning the camera with her son while showing the beautiful scene of the plot of land of the polygamous family near Coyote Pass. Janel shares son Garrison, 23, and other children Logan, Hunter, Gabriel, Madison, and Savannah with her husband. Brown code.

“But, you know what? We’re out on the property … we’re getting things ready for next summer, “he continued. “And I remember how much I loved it here. You know, I was in town for the winter – and I love the city, I love it – but God! And I forgot what it was like here, and I came out and it started to spring and … I like it here. “

Later in his selfie video, the founder of Strive With General explained what he and Garrison were doing.

'Sister Wives' star Janelle Brown Tees returns to Coyote Pass for the summer: 'I love it here'
Courtesy of Janelle Brown / Instagram

“We’re looking at things, but, like, look at this whole thing, isn’t it?” Come on, it’s just amazing, ”he gushed about the vast outdoor landscape. “I am so excited to be out here this summer and to do more. So, I hope you have a good Saturday. Thanks for indulging me for a minute ‘because I just wanted to say, I love mountains. I would love to have this property. I love it all. “

The reality TV star seems to be enjoying the spring weather, as she recently visited a beautiful area, which she mentioned in an Instagram post on Saturday, April 2, “Near Roosevelt Lake.”

The reality TV star’s video comes just three weeks later In contact Confirmed that Janelle has previously launched a “retail trade” company called NTYK, LLC. His office is located in a commercial building in Flagstaff, Arizona.

Sister wife Since moving from Las Vegas to Arizona in 2018, fans have been following Cody’s family housing journey. The businessman, 53, originally wanted to build a large house where he and Janel and the other wives Mary Brown, Christine Brown And Robin Brown However, they were not on the same page, which is why Cody agreed to build five separate houses on the land.

In October 2021, Janel shared his plans to return to Flagstaff, then officially left the land in November. That same month, Christine, 49, announced her and Cody’s separation.

At the time of publication, In contact Confirmed that there is no building permit file in the parcels of the land Cody purchased.

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