RHOBH’s Lisa Rinner Bikini Dress: Picture of her swimsuit

Forever violent! Lisa Brest It made it clear that she likes the spotlight, both on TV and in her swimsuit. While he has been working in Hollywood for many years, he made his debut in Medford, Oregon, Native. The real housewife of Beverly Hills During season 5 in 2014. He has been a member of the diamond-bearing cast ever since.

The mother of two loves to dance after her bikini, as she has shown through many Instagram posts. But Lisa’s swimsuit is not just for show. He does not hesitate to jump into the pool whenever he gets a chance.

“Come on guys!” He screamed in a season 11 episode RHOBH She herself was swimming in an outstanding pool. “No!” His fellow housewives all screamed.

With Lisa’s apparent bikini body confidence, it’s no surprise that she’s been a fitness junkie for a long time.

“For me, being in shape has always been a part of my life and it’s all about continuity,” she said in a 2015 interview. [but] I started practicing at a very young age – I played competitive tennis – and I practiced all my life. “

In addition to swimming and dancing for workouts, Lisa said earlier Our weekly That he has been practicing yoga for 26 years, says it is the “most helpful” element in keeping himself “controlled and somewhat intelligent.”

He has also spoken out about the major impact of jazz-sizing on his life in the past.

“When I was 16, I discovered JazarSize. And I thought it was the biggest thing after peanut butter and jelly, “she said ParadeAlso crediting Jane FondaIts workout tape for her fitness awakening. “Oh my God. I loved it.”

Lisa is now in her 50s, but her age is nothing in her bikini collection. The founder of Rina Beauty kept posting photos and videos on Instagram showing her flat stomach and toned legs.

“I am always doing something. … Reason [it makes me] Feel good. If I feel better, I’m more beautiful. If I am beautiful, my life will be better, “he said in an episode of the show.

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