Rick Ross has revealed that he is filming his own TV show about wealth: the perfect time

Rick Ross

Rick Ross has revealed that he is filming his own TV show about wealth: now is the right time [VIDEO]

Boss Rapper / Record Executive Rick Ross It has always been about her rush and it seems she is preparing to add another form of income under her belt!

Rick Ross, Born William Roberts II, His fortune has grown over time through music, business ventures and investments, which has earned him a reported fortune of $ 40 million so far. Rick Ross46, recently shared that he is ready to add another headline to his portfolio and tackle the world of TV.

At the end of the week, Rick Ross Take her to her Instagram stories to update her fans about the latest business ventures. Mebach Music Group The CEO has announced that he is currently filming his show focusing on wealth and success. While sitting at the barber’s chair cutting hair at home, Rick Ross Share,

“The time has come, and the right time is now.”

He continued,

“I’m going to go ahead and do a show for me. The time is now. It’s going to be about resources, based on success. We’re actually filming right now, but I hope you’re all ready for it ‘because I’m talking about some big numbers. Numbers. This nine-figure club, you figure? That’s how it’s going down. “

It’s not clear if the “Run It” rapper will be seen working on-camera or behind-the-scenes for his upcoming TV production. But he has experience as an actor and made his primetime acting debut in December Queen Latifa The series “The Equalizer.”

Would you tune in to Rick Ross’s new show once it’s aired? Let us know in the comments below!

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