Rihanna’s pregnant BFF Melissa Ford has celebrated her 36th birthday

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Melissa FordMost known as a pop singer RihannaHer BFF, West Hollywood’s The Nice Guy, looked great with Rihanna and their bajan friends celebrating her 36th birthday.

Rihanna and Melissa are childhood friends who grew up together in Barbados.

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Melissa left Twitter after being criticized for attacking Rihanna’s critics, including the singer Sierra Wilson And your aunt Sandra.


Heavily pregnant Rihanna, 34, appeared at her best party after all the pink dress. She accessorized with stealing a pink fox fur. Rihanna is 8 months into her first pregnancy.

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There are rumors that Melissa is also carrying her first child. Don’t quote me that. Mail is a professional photographer who posts personal photos of RiRi on social media.

Sources claim that Melissa went to a fertility clinic after her bestie told her she was pregnant. If she is pregnant, Mel’s baby will be born a few months after RiRi’s.

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