Rob Kardashian testifies that Black China was abusing drugs when he was beaten

Rob Kardashian, Black China

Rob Kardashian testified that he was abusing drugs when Black China beat him and showed him a gun to his head: He has a history of doing this

More details have recently emerged in the ongoing case Black China And Kardashian Family.

In the most recent court session, Black Chinese Ex-fianc Rob Kardashian Took position. At the time of his testimony, Rob Kardashian, 35, gave his account of what he called a “toxic” and violent relationship. One notable traumatic moment that the reality star remembered was the infamous December 2016 feud that took place between her and him. Black China33. Accordingly Rob Kardashian, This time his ex beat him up and pointed a gun at his head.

Rob Claim China He tore his shirt that night, repeatedly hitting her with a metal rod under the influence of cocaine and alcohol. Giving an alleged emotional testimony, he said:

“She hit me in the face, in the back … she drank cocaine and alcohol. She has a history of doing it.”

China The legal team allegedly refused Of the Lord Statement, claiming that video footage shows Rob Injured after the alleged incident. The report states that Rob Then he became more emotional and furious, shouting:

“Everything I testified happened … Just because I don’t have a mark doesn’t mean it’s not true. Stop putting that out there! That’s not right. ”

Black China

In addition, Rob Said China A rope wrapped around his neck and a gun aimed at his head that evening. China He had previously taken the position and testified that he knew the gun had not been loaded and that he was “just joking” when he pointed it at his then-fianc. Provides more details of the dispute, Rob Says:

“He tore my shirt off early in the evening and we were throwing money at our Snapchat. At first I thought it was a sport. I didn’t think it was serious until the second gun was fired. You don’t look at a gun in your fianc’s head. You think it’s loaded or not. “

After that, if the relationship is so bad, they are asked why he didn’t leave soonRob Explained that he chose to stay for their daughter Dream Kardashian, Now 5 years old. However, the media star said the couple’s toxic and violent nature of the partnership was an environment in which she did not want to raise her only child in the end:

“It simply came to our notice then. I tried my best to work for our daughter. “

Twice down, he added:

“It was a toxic relationship and I don’t want to see my daughter, or how I grew up or how my dad raised me. It was a toxic relationship from day one.”

His testimony is round, Rob He claims that he never fell in love China, And only offer him to help rating for their real series. He said:

“I was probably in the worst place of my whole life, my weakest, lowest place. He was the one who brought me to my lowest place. So I ignored her bad behavior … it wasn’t real love … it wasn’t real love or we were getting married. I didn’t want to marry anyone like that. “

China Has taken legal action against Kardashian In 2017, the family used their power to get him an e-mail! The series “Rob and China” has been canceled. Chris Jenner, Kylie Jenner, Kim KardashianAnd Khalo Kardashian The main culprit China According to Suite, the reality TV family planned to close the show a season later, spending millions on her potential income. China Is seeking 100 million in damages.

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