Sean Paul says the war against Shaggy would be ‘unjust’: I got 19 songs

Shawn Paul, Shaggy

Sean Paul says the war against Shaggy will be ‘unjust’: I got 19 songs in the top 20

Looks like Dancehall fans shouldn’t expect to see a “Verzuz” fight Shawn Paul And Random Any time soon!

Power 105.1’s “The Breakfast Club,” a recent sitting with the Jamaican rapper Shawn Paul Audiences have been updated on where he currently stands in terms of fighting a “Verzuz”. He had previously stated that he would not be performing during the famous musical showdown but later circled back and shared that he had opened up about the idea.

Shawn Paul

During his latest interview, the presenter of the morning program DJ jealousy The hugely popular dancehall artist is fighting a “verge” and asks who he wants to do it with. Shawn Paul Answered and apparently shared that he does not want to do everything. He said

“I have a niche place in business, almost. You know what I mean? So, for me, it’s kind of weird to annoy someone in my own genre and I’m one of the most successful people out there. ”

Shawn Paul Continuing, the emphasis on his position is based on unity and he is not interested in such conflicts. He also gave props for the first and only dancehall “Verzuz” battle (Charity killer Vs. Benny Man), Which has garnered more than a million impressions and highlighted the international trend to people around the world.

When hosted with the show Angela Yeh Said that the world needs another dance hall “Verzuz”. Shawn Paul Guess who the fans would like to see him go against and answer,

“So you want to see me go to Shaggy?”


Random A reggae musician who released his recent dancehall hit “Go Down Body” Shawn Paul And Spices Last year.

When discussing the catalog of Jamaican artists, Shawn Paul Mentioned that he has 19 songs in the top 20, when Random There are only 3.

“I got 19 songs out of the top 20”

He continued and said that though Random There are only a few hits in the top 20. ‘It Wasn’t Me’ The artist has sold millions of records.

He added,

“It simply came to our notice then. It is Like keeping Mike Tyson with his boss Mohammad Ali. It’s a different deadline. ”

It is known that “Verzuz” was launched in 2020 during the Covid-19 epidemic, Shawn Paul Sure there will be no war against that Random. He revealed this while chatting at “The Breakfast Club” Random Earlier he was called to fight, but he refused the offer.

What are your thoughts on a Shawn Paul vs. Shaggy music showdown? Comment and let us know below!


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