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Now that Kylie Jenner He announced and Travis Scott (Original name: Jack Berman Webster II) As their son Wolf Webster changes his mind, people are asking a huge question: What is his baby’s new name? Although the former Dr. Keep up with the Kardashians The star has not announced anything yet, fans have found various sources and presented their theories.

Sister Kim Kardashian An April 15 attendance release time Living with Kelly and Ryan That Kylie is close to settling on her son Monica. “It simply came to our notice then. It’s such a big decision, honestly. Naming a child is the hardest thing in life. “

After a Reddit user informed others about Kylie’s March 21 announcement – revealing that she and the “goosebumps” rapper didn’t really like it. [Wolf] He was “- social media commentators shared their thoughts on what the baby boy’s new name might be.

“I vote for Jack. It was always supposed to be Jack, “claimed one person. “After the ‘To My Son’ video, there’s no way it won’t be Jack,” cites another heartbreaking YouTube video by Kylie and Travis documenting their child’s pregnancy journey.

Others have pointed out the possibility of the title, as it would match Travis’ birth name. “Since he was born on 2/2/2022 and [Travis is] Jacques II, I’ll go with Jaques Deuce, “shouted a separate fan, with several other people applauding the idea and even introducing the French word” Deux “as a possible middle name.

Kylie Jenner is the new name for the son of Travis Scott
Courtesy of Kylie Jenner / Instagram

Another big topic of conversation was Kylie’s ex-friend Tammy HembroHe has a son named Wolf and a daughter named Saskia

“I think it’s because of Tammy Hembro,” Jack, a Reddit user, commented enthusiastically below. “That’s why,” replied one individual. “Everyone will deny it [definitely] Because why wouldn’t he want to see if he was copying someone. He thought [people] You won’t notice. “

Kylie and Tammy were close friends until February 2019 Taiga During his visit to Australia in January of that year. Kylie then unfollowed the Australian native on Instagram. However, when asked about their alleged bond, Taiga declined to comment, and Tammy’s representatives denied that he had any kind of romantic relationship with the rapper at the time.

In addition to the coincidental Monica, one user mentioned that they were “still rooting for Angel,” as the Kardashian-Jenner family and some famous friends inadvertently spread rumors that Kylie had named her son Angel after revealing her birth in an Instagram post on February 6.

“Angel pie,” momager Chris Jenner Commented on the black-and-white photo. “Can’t wait to see the little angel.” Ariel Tejada, Kylie’s makeup artist, writes. “Angel Baby,” the Kylie’s life alum’s best friend Stacy Caranikolau Added

Not only are commentators provoking ~ angel speculation, but Kylie even wrote “Angel Baby” in an embroidery craft during her baby shower on January 14th.

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